How to use the Shanghai dragon to do business website!

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we must first look at the business class website which consists of: 1, the home page, each site has its own home page, this is unavoidable. 2, classification page, as is the electricity supplier website, there are a lot of products, in order to increase the user experience of the website, must have detailed classification, if the product is much can also increase the level of classification, two class or three class classification, made a very detailed classification of our products, such as for customers looking for our products. 3, is the product page, we are mainly sell products for the purpose, so the product title, product introduction, user reviews, product recommendation, the content must be convenient for users to buy other products, and increase the user to determine whether to buy our products. 4, the article page, there are two main purpose is to increase our website, two is the latest news and developments and some other information in a timely manner to show to our users, we increase the credibility of the site, and to guide users to buy two turnover. 5, if we have to do some brand products, we have to add a brand, not only can increase the internal web site links, increase the weight of the website, can guide users to buy products. Type 6, web pages and products more cases, we want to add a page outside the screen, convenient for users to search, can also enhance the user experience of the website, increase the weight of the website. The electronic commerce sites should have above the page, we can only fully understand the part of the site, is conducive to the work site post optimization.

home from the following aspects: 1, optimize the site title, to highlight what we should optimize the keywords and brand word, note that the length of the title and the usage of punctuation, and the key is to focus on optimizing to be placed in the front. 2, the description of the website, we want to use a words to master, not only to highlight our selling products, and our reasonable optimization keywords layout to the inside, we highlight the advantages of web site. The 3 page keyword layout, in fact the keyword of the website layout a lot of places, but the premise is to increase our website user experience, we have a reasonable layout of key words, this is the priority among priorities. Keywords we are at the bottom of the layout in the layout > page title, description, columns, site navigation, product title, website news, the copyright information in the

we do in Shanghai Longfeng, should pay attention to two issues, one is the chain site, two is the content of the website, for many websites, we can update a large number of articles to expand our website in the optimization, and the electricity supplier website, I stand is the content of our own the products, articles, do optimization is will have a certain degree of difficulty, so we in the optimization is to have some optimization strategies and ideas, today we will talk about the business class site should be how to do.