How to optimize a good website to realize network business

With the increase of

search engine promotion cost, how to optimize the site keywords appear in Shanghai love or other search engine rankings are more and more important, from the search engine traffic is coming, according to the customer intention search keywords and the IP conversion rate is also very high. How to get your keywords good ranking in search engines, it is always a problem puzzling every webmaster, is also a headache problem for website optimization, is a good choice for web site keywords ranking and flow, the cold door, Shanghai index of love is too low. Website traffic is of little help, high index word. The competition is very fierce, want to get a good ranking is not easy. So how to optimize your site keywords every webmaster every day is an important issue in the study of the. At this stage, you can love Shanghai rankings has been the important factors about the site traffic. So what is the important link we need to pay special attention to it in the process of Web site optimization,

had good content, no one knows, not a pity. Now the network era can not sell themselves era, there is no good means of promotion, in a good web site only to enjoy yourself at home, out of action. So how to do it, the author talk about their own experience. The first is to increase the chain, increase the site in the search engine weights more than the chain, the weight slowly and there, then search engines love your station, every day to include your website, updated daily snapshot, keyword good rankings.

the first condition is to have a good website. Optimization of website content, website content framework, let their full, readable, users see the good content will remember your site, so as to increase customer viscosity, make it become the faithful client website, this is the main. Not only a good apple of Sodom. The core is to do a good user experience, to stick to the customer, so that flow steadily.

now has a new problem of how to increase the chain, the answer is 1, Links exchange. 2, forum, blog, Post Bar, micro-blog, and other places to post, hair soft, leave a link and so on, here are how to exchange Links problems, new exchange Links difficult. The reason is that PR not included less. No one is willing to exchange with you. The primary problem to improve PR, PR high site, even if it contains less, there are a lot of people come to you exchange links. Exchange links. Increase in the number of the chain. How to improve the pr. The experience of the author is to buy some high PR links to realize, like the A5 forum shopping is very good, affordable, but also relatively safe. With these high PR outside the chain, wait until the next Google updates the PR you will find that your site is a good site pr. Okay。 To change the link. There are several ways to do the link, the first is to Links platform to publish the web site to >