n fact, Shanghai Longfeng original, more simple than you think

1. strong timeliness and high content of value: meet the timeliness is identification of the most popular search engine, such as the search for relevant content to the operation of the site, and you are the original how to build a website, it does not meet the timeliness of user search, timeliness is around the user search questions, do don’t focus on a few years ago to the content of the original, so you want to write a piece of original content, the first analysis of the current Internet users are most concerned about what the query topic, rather than what they do to start around.


2. content of the bursting of the Internet, the original by experience: a few years ago, the lack of information of the Internet search engine, as long as there is little value content will grab included, and now, you will find that, no matter what the original, has not included growth, the reason is that the current search engine is not the lack of content, the need to eliminate those who do not love the content by the user, as long as the user does not love you, no matter how hard the original, the search engine will still put you in limbo to, want to let users love, in addition to the content itself value, is the focus of the browsing experience, not illustrated the way to allow users to generate resentment, before a small part in today’s headlines tested. An article is written very well, the amount of reading for more than 70 thousand, but most of them are to look, the dense text is not how many people see, You can see from the figure, but in the eyes of the search engines, this article is by the users love you, you is the value of the original content.

for search engine is love original content, the answer is negative, compared to the quality, the original degree is passive, many webmasters will love to write original, ignoring the quality of content, resulting in a lot of original has not included, also let many owners worried, certainly also has the content of good quality, but has not reprint the content included, but included, this point will be described in detail below, then the first to talk about search engines love what kind of content.

for Shanghai dragon, the original is the webmaster has been discussed hot topic, but there are many owners because the original and painstaking, all day writing original, or find the original, there are many owners complained, not in the industry, can not write the professional content of the chapter, or is not like Wen mining for these, just want to say, Cen Huiyu is an excuse, here to share original content about how to make high quality.


webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng original correct method and procedure of

search engine. Some original love


1. first think, think of user concerns about the content of

no matter what an industry, Internet search users are objective, first thought is to find what Internet users, many webmaster can’t write the original article, a big reason is do not know what to write, because users do not know what to learn, how to think? Can go from two points.


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