Love Shanghai me domain name included webmaster how to deal with the poor

Shanghai lovelessnessHow about This is just like When

home page was completely unable to find their own website

, I go to the store, and the store said 1 bottles of beer, but they ignored me and just brought me a bottle of two steamed bread, of course I will be angry, asked him: boss, I don’t want a beer, two steamed bread." At this time, the boss will smile to me: feel shy ah, brother, beer, wine, bread > two



, my friends, is not feeling very strange, don’t you, I was ignorant, why are included, there is traffic, but no snapshot? It is not a mistake, so I surprised under click on the link on Shanghai lovelessness snapshot, want to check out the clues, discovered that a scene.

COM domain name displayed in the love of Shanghai found the results of the case.

webmaster tools should show my website snapshot


I plan to do guest promotion when watching online do not know which heroes write tutorials, choose Pinyin domain name to help Shanghai dragon, so I believe, then the domain name provider crazy search, the result is corresponding with the common domain name has been registered. Only a few common domain name, so I had to choose between them a.Me suffix a their own love of the domain name.



this is no longer normal search results, found to express, and to set out the relevant page below; if you can’t find it, that was not found, but not equivocate; treat the domain name me attitude, love Shanghai is veiled, just like a pair of who want to lifting the veil own to lift up.

want to see their content, click go to see.

see here, I can not help but ask, we input directly in the search engine is what URL query intention, of course, is to understand the specific information corresponding to the URL of the page, because we have a lot of time to open the page will not end, if it is a virus or a fraud "unnecessary loss to themselves we have doubts on the following; such as the website, search engines want us to guard our love in Shanghai direct search yielded the following results:

first started, the chain of love Shanghai included and site are normal, do not see what, but later released a website page, I found something wrong, what is wrong with it, please see this picture below.

COM domain name love Shanghai can not find the results of the


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