How to optimize the popular keyword

two, using precision marketing forum. As before, we just found a similar forum, was crazy to do the chain inside, the purpose is to lead spider. We should pay more attention to the quality of now. We all know that the users of the forum is the most, we can do is to use text to affect these users, how to put these users into our potential users, and improve the conversion. So how are we going to find these users? We need to have a precise positioning of the forum, and the positioning of our users and their own website. We are looking for is that our website and forum will produce problems related to the forum, a high degree of active users, relatively concentrated, and most users forum and our website is the positioning of the user, only to find them, we can play in exhibition, using large amount of positive words to guide users.

five, analyze and study the competition. Keywords for high index, ranking the top 10 websites even before 20 are an example of our study. First, we should analyze the amount included in each other, why the other sites included a large amount, do we need to do a station. We should analysis the chain resources each other, see the opponent is the chain in which platform do. Finally, we should analyze the opponent’s Shanghai dragon layout, this is our most competitive analysis >

three, the use of soft marketing. Here is a kind of soft webmaster, after all a website always need to have the support of the chain, the webmaster platform of high weight, the weight of the chain is also relatively high, but also can exist for a long time, good maintenance. The other is a kind of soft marketing, we need to plan and prepare a detailed article, like the story of the article is to put to those relative our website user positioning platform inside, as long as the user see, will have the same effect.

four, do website user experience. I think this should be adjusted from the site itself. The first is the overall design of the page to public taste, second is the station structure should be clear, the third station article is helpful to the users of the article, not just some spam. Some of the other factors in the external environment will not say, because the influence of user experience too much to be done perfectly, this is not possible, we can only in the process to find problems, and then continue to improve he could do better.

, we should seize a large number of long tail word ranking. Although the long tail words flow is small, but the number, but the conversion rate is high, can give us accurate user. At the same time, the long tail keywords and strive to achieve precise and has a good correlation, especially for the keywords competition is very intense, if we just set up a website on the capture of target words, the difficulty is very great.

popular keyword traffic is obviously, then we should be how to optimize popular keywords? We can from the following six steps to do.

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