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if you are interested in the cost connection, please add group 6282947, 0% intermediary. The three step is to design Q:8824812

Some people will ask: can really make money? !"

, the apple founder, not only talked about the hardships of Apple’s early days. "We didn’t have anything at first, but it’s interesting to design computers," Wozniak said. It’s an exciting time in our lives, a lifetime of friends." windsurfing

answer: in fact, in the long run, the market should be relatively large, but now most of it is still the buyer’s market,.

remember to remind the buyer is that the connection can not be done in the JS. That is to remind the seller is to choose not been K station, of course, also depends on each other’s reputation. These days it seems to buy more PR,

, for example, PR3 station, sh419/GG included more than 100, home connections less than 12. We priced at 5 yuan. Very few, but sell ten is 50, compared to alimama strong ah,.

Wayne has no regrets about his collaboration with Jobs and Wozniak. "Frankly, I’m just surprised," he said. I played only a small part in the development of the Apple I computer, and it was Wozniak who created the product."

so I made a mediation in the group. I also felt the gradual shaping of the market,.

how about the market right now,

powder who might have heard Wozniak talked about, but few people know the story of Wayne. Apple co-founder Steve · Jobs Steve Jobs had asked Wayne to persuade Wozniak to join the company. Wayne had 10% of Apple’s shares, and they were worth $68 billion today, according to Apple’s latest market capitalisation. But when Wayne officially joined apple, he quickly took out the stock. He sold the stock for $800. According to US inflation, the $800 at the time was equivalent to $3000 now.

1: then, what should we choose,

2 is the market big now,

  PR3 is 5 yuan, 20 yuan PR4, PR5, 60-90 range, general circumstances. Rarely, but I believe that many webmaster have not made electricity

Wozniak isn’t surprised at the rising demand for Apple’s old products. "It’s nothing strange," he said. Apple is now the world’s largest brand, almost everyone knows apple, Apple-1 is very rare. It could also be that the world has changed dramatically since Apple was founded."

Abstract in, an initial Apple I computer was almost auctioned for $1 million.

smartphone iPhone 6 is not the only Apple Corp high demand hardware products. Apple Corp’s first computer has become a favorite of collectors in recent years. In October, an initial Apple I computer was auctioned for almost $1 million.

I’ll tell him seriously: "yes,


answer: in fact, the meaning of the site connection, the first is to guide, such as new station power is not enough, want to let sh419 fast included, the second is as a company, increase PR value.


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak · Steve Wozniak and Ronald · Wayne Ronald Wayne recently in an interview, talked about the beginning of the establishment of the first Apple Computer and Apple I behind the story.


BI Chinese station reported on November 24th

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