E-business strategy of production enterprisesBackdoor spin is nonsense, HUAWE will not be listed fo

when some industry heavyweights summon wind and call for rain in the capital market, when Yangtianchangtan with broken halberds defeat……



the tree wants stillness, but the wind does not stop.

so the rumours against HUAWEI are generally "dead light"". HUAWEI not only not taboo on the listing of rumors, but also in some public occasions to the media to disclose the company’s views on the capital market. From the beginning of 2012, HUAWEI executives in several public occasions that the company is not listed, but the attitude is very firm, no messy.

for production companies, e-commerce is very simple, if the Internet companies too profound to be understood to come to you about it, so they don’t believe that set, they rely on you to make money. So, before you look at this article, you have to instill a concept: e-commerce is very simple. Even if you don’t know anything about e-commerce, you can rest assured that you’ll know in a few minutes.

to fix a few thousand dollars. International domain name 60 yuan + website space 500 yuan + website makes 5000 yuan or so.

2. promote your website, let your potential customers find you

the site, if you don’t do promotion, is white. Because a single on the Internet, others can not see, and your potential customers can not see.

how to promote your website? There are dozens of methods, but most of them don’t suit you, so you don’t need to know the mess. You know, the most effective way is OK.

In order to let more


, and in recent years, the internationalization of HUAWEI, for many years to enter the terminal, so the door open. Not only the senior public to accept foreign media interviews, Ren Zhengfei also went to the public opinion front, even in the world to accept some very sharp media interview, in front of the domestic media is the emergence of an affable face.

early HUAWEI, the global media openness is limited, once the network media smell discoloration, undeveloped media dominated era, many of the prevalent demonize HUAWEI, HUAWEI also seldom reply.

when the number of Listed Companies in the stock price decline in the teeth of the storm, cliff, let it sleep at night when.

in February this year, in Barcelona exhibition, Ren Zhengfei rare 28 questions and answers. Among them, the media as the title most is "HUAWEI is not listed in 50 years."".

open door micro signal: maoqoiying2008 in the financial media with 17 years of deep plowing, TMT capital markets report 14 years, HUAWEI more than 10 years of continuous tracking reports. Of course, the stock age is more than 10 years, here clearly tell dear investors, small partners, HUAWEI will not be listed, at least 50 years will not be listed.

as time goes by, there are still signs that HUAWEI has been out of stock for several years. Thus, the "HUAWEI small partner" this concept began in the capital market flooding, and even to HUAWEI takeaway restaurant also want to use the concept of HUAWEI hype……

, HUAWEI backdoor, HUAWEI spin off and other rumors prominently appear in some of the network’s headlines, to achieve the purpose of huyou.

, coincidentally, came to think of an international company that has long been listed by the media, HUAWEI, and President Ren Zhengfei. The company’s revenue in 2016 was 521 billion 600 million yuan, more than the sum of BAT. Thus, what rely on the capital market from shrimp mixed predators giants, began to tentacles again and again to HUAWEI, trying to hype HUAWEI concept fast arbitrage.

for 10 years, the news media make groundless accusations, listed with every detail vividly described the rumor, HUAWEI also experienced several stages.


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