n the years when we created the Nanhu online networkWangzhuan project promotion not to offline indu

so, based on the above considerations and trends, we have decided to take "eating and drinking" as the theme, and set up a place for eating and drinking in Jiaxing. And this website is Nanhu online.

work back after entrepreneurship, eating and drinking is the first choice

just because there is such a good thing, so there is a lot of people can be described as The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea show even stampede in, grab a you don’t even know if I can make money in the project, using websites, blogs, forums, , scream of propaganda on how to make the number, its purpose is very simple, just want to Dora get offline promotion commission. This was also a problem that no ground for blame, just here, you know, we all want to do online, offline to recommend referral group who do not go around is empty hands. As a simple example, you take a click click click on the project, you personally and to promote, so that not only had the direct income, and you also get on-line your downline Commission, if you do so, you also have the royalty, only in this way, make I earn, we earn you can achieve the purpose of. On the contrary, everyone there just kept the promotion, who do not want to do on-line operation, take Commission, the result is self-evident, everyone fell into a vicious circle in the course of time does not make Wangzhuan, became a terrible vicious spiral.

lasted 3 years, invested 100 thousand yuan, the use of team members 12 people to maintain the achievements of the current Nanhu online. In Jiaxing local idle away in seeking pleasure as the starting point and focus, which involves the theme of entertainment, tourism, delicacy, fitness, beauty, wedding decoration, hotel eight theme, coverage area of South Lake district and Jiaxing District of Xiuzhou.

from the Shanghai two years of development, the development of Songjiang District and Jinshan District, are all revealed such business trends, living away from the central area, working in the central area, it will be a trend of the future development of Shanghai.

2 days after

1, a business alliance: taking Jiaxing local businesses as the main line of the idle away in seeking pleasure business alliance website, currently involved in the industry, tourism, entertainment, delicacy, fitness, beauty, wedding decoration, hotel, etc.. Web site to help businesses open online shop, and one-stop network marketing services for the purpose. Omit the manual management of the shop, the cost and time of the website, and save the merchant

returned from Shanghai, we immediately went into the construction and planning of the Nanhu online local portal website platform. As for what to do at that time, can not think of a good question.

earns a variety of forms, among which the most common money project promotion, offline development more, get the recommended mention achievements if you have more luck, meet a good Wangzhuan, plus a little publicity skills, you probably will lead to countless people like a fish into your downline even if you don’t go, operating the project, only this one may recommend Commission will let you earn the full six months or even life.

from the perspective of city development, city development bottleneck are more prominent, both resources and population, have suffered a hitherto unknown challenge, people urgently need a new place to let their good breathing space, enjoy the leisure of the sun. And this has provided unprecedented opportunities for the development of Jiaxing.

, Jiaxing, a city sandwiched between two big cities, has no big Shanghai, no Hangzhou splendor. It’s just a small backyard behind the two big cities. So, for such a very ordinary city, in the end how to find opportunities,

three sub platform, an exchange forum, set up

at present, Nanhu online after a year and a half of operation and development, has developed more than 3000 merchants, has registered members of 2000 people. The site is currently stable at around 2200pv-2800pv a day. The site is currently earning 6000 yuan / year. Jiaxing has become one of the important channels for the local people to understand the local information.

The preliminary design of

online Nanhu theme consists of four sections, one is the business alliance information gathered in Jiaxing idle away in seeking pleasure, a classification of information is a native of Jiaxing, one is for business recruitment service industry recruitment website, the last one is gathering discounts online community idle away in seeking pleasure.

said above is just to make money is not the problem, there is a more terrible things, is currently in a very Wangzhuan industry is a headache. Originally, use the Internet to make money is no ground for blame things, and the reality of this labor and returns no difference, make it is skill, ability of small less money, not the ability to make. But some people always want to be clever, even the swindler’s trick, the offline induction and intentional deception. For example, we are currently involved in a "clear research through" hook survey Wangzhuan project, and through the verification of this station, is a reputable Wangzhuan project, participation method is also very simple, download a software on them, like , then you can register, every day as long as hanging one hour there is an apple harvest, and the promotion of a recommended reward members have a yuan of money, the onhook software is very small, the interface is beautiful, hang does not affect any work. Now there are many websites and individuals in the promotion of this project, but never found a problem, there are a lot of "clear research through" propaganda strikingly similar, almost identical, have declared themselves "in clear research through a monthly income of 10, income 500 yuan easily ordinarily,…" 500 yuan a month income, and not what is not a lot and get excited over a little thing.


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