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2015 business structure inventory: 2015 where to start business

4. is a new opportunity for native advertising Internet advertising

three or four line of the city’s Small and micro businesses advertising is a lot of Internet Co have no source of commercial value of mining.



did not have to say, entrepreneurship can trend is the three son place, this with our previous inventory of the three regions there is not a fraction of difference, a total of 15722 companies included US included, the overall proportion reached 72%, has not only half of the river is as simple as that, "City business three".

3. the use of the Internet thinking hardware entrepreneurial team have strong ability to integrate

The city has a lot of

is Chinese financial market potential, now through the Internet search, consumer credit and small micro credit product is less than 10%, the big city is less than 20%, a lower proportion of small and medium-sized city.

Internet finance has become a hot topic for nearly a year, there are three reasons behind the financial services industry: small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers in the market again, this is a big demand; the development of e-commerce platform to make the Internet financial services is the basis; and a number of people recently internet financial industry leader the task and research institutions, government agencies are more concerned about this matter, began to gradually open up policy.

years of view, entrepreneurial heat is indeed higher year by year

ESPN website founder Cheng Hang introduction, the next line of business has accounted for 60% of online advertising revenue. From the end of last year to host business events, many have been held to the two or three line of the city, there are three or four lines of the city.


region, North Canton is still the old one, the second child, old

IT orange database company data show that from the year of the establishment of the company can be seen, nearly five years of entrepreneurial tide continued to rise. The number of new start-ups has risen almost every year, from about 500 in the single season in 2010 to around 800, and from more than 1000 to more than 1300. Although we look at the absolute magnitude of the gap between reality and reality, the trend of our data reflects that entrepreneurship really starts to perk up as time goes on.

hardware facilities are in urgent need of the Internet, therefore, with the Internet thinking to the design and development of hardware products become a trend, can provide a more convenient and efficient way to obtain information for end users.

entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, fire, in recent years, we can generally feel a fact, especially in big cities, seems to not talk about entrepreneurship, the Internet thing, as if there is no sense of existence. The scene suddenly in that moment, for democracy, build the Republic, newspaper, and doing all kinds of meeting place. Inadvertently, as a mission to build a database of our Chinese Internet venture, is to catch up with the wind, with profound respect and humility do not know how to, sometimes special stations, pose.


compared with 2014, the total area than Kitakami Hiromi is maintained at the level of 36%-19%-17%, followed by Zhejiang, Jiangsu began to stand second echelon, the share is consistent with last year, 5-10 on the back, Sichuan, Fujian, Hubei formation is complete, Shandong instead of Taiwan, followed by Shanxi.

also entrepreneurs believe that, without any policy, funds or personnel in the Internet financial barriers, the biggest obstacle is the gene.

2000, banner ad click rate is 9%, such as.

but careful words, we will also find that this trend seems to not last long, of course, this is probably also with the breadth and breadth of our data collection has a very big relationship. According to our past experience, when the data is not included in the final results, for example, in 2014 we take time to see when the data was collected only 2566, and this year, in retrospect, this figure has become 5778. But, according to the 2015 Q1 data, signs seem to be emerging. We may as well take this as evidence to see if this conjecture will prove true or false at this time next year.

, the Internet Co will be the initial hardware involved in the traditional industry giants squeeze and squeeze, because the chip and raw material factors, early production difficulties, the birth of pure Internet team has considerable difficulties and challenges.

have not been developed between five million and twenty million of the annual budget Small and micro businesses advertisers. If you can activate this batch of business, will be able to get higher income line.

contrast, such as the United States in the mature financial market of 70 million people to obtain small micro credit information through search. This point of view, Chinese in this vertical market has great potential.

2. Internet financial advantage is that a lot of not benefit from bank loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and personal

The traditional

1. entrepreneurial team line three or four line city to Denver at


so, in addition to maintaining the Internet thinking, must have a very experienced personnel engaged in production, design, supply chain management.



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