t’s better to manage a few key employees than to write a bunch of management systemsCEO Shen Peng i

only once before entrepreneurship, Shen Peng wanted to leave the U. S. mission. In June 2010, Shen Boyang to build Renren glutinous rice group, gave him out of great sincerity conditions: glutinous rice Beijing company general manager, annual salary of 350 thousand yuan, to solve the Beijing hukou. Shen Pengcai, 24, is about to graduate, is in love, and his girlfriend’s family is under pressure, so he has a strong urge to go to glutinous rice.

I went to the United States mission is very simple, just want to follow Xing brother Wang Xing, in the United States group known as "Xing elder brother" learning entrepreneurship.

Shen Peng said that he joined Wang’s team, just to experience the whole process of entrepreneurship and development. In the United States nearly 6 and a half years, transferred hillock eight or nine times, he has been challenging his short board, his purpose has reached.

for all enterprises, the human resources department functions in other departments seems like an administrative supervision mechanism, a special charge system and the assessment of the government". Many managers also used to some of the problems on the internal management system is not built to blame. But in fact, wrote a lot of system, a lot of work, do everything, the employee’s work efficiency is low, the effectiveness of human resources management is not reflected.

One of the reasons why

the occurrence of the above phenomenon is "what" and "what to solve" way of thinking of the differences, it must be brought to our attention, is the current head of human resources, many companies often make trouble, wrote a lot of system, enterprise culture construction, training, career design do not stop activities etc.. On the surface it seems very professional, how to do the work, the answer is: This is the international advanced things, the truth must be so. In fact, the truth is a Western version of the human resources management according to current textbooks in the content, the surface cannot be refuted, but there was no effect.

on Saturday night, it was raining hard and Wang Xinglai was looking for him. Two people chatted for a long time, Wang Xingwen how to look at the wealth of freedom, give him an account, ten years later in Beijing to achieve the basic wealth of freedom, probably 30 million. Wang Xing says staying in the United States can also achieve this goal. Prior to this, the business Intern Shen Peng and Wang exchange is not much, but that night, he felt Wang is very frank, but also very valued team, decided not to go. Later, other colleagues come to dig him, it will not waver.

I am a natural person who can toss about. When I was in college, I worked as an agent for studying abroad. I worked part-time clubs. I did all the business and didn’t do much. At that time, the Internet began to fire, I also want to use the Internet to do so, but also to find a technical partner, but still can not get up. I think, should find a reliable person to learn how to start business in the field of internet. I want to join a reliable team.

Abstract: Shen Peng left the United States group, founded a mutual support platform, water droplets mutual aid, to get the Tencent, IDG capital, Gao Rong capital, the United States Group – public comment and so on 50 million yuan of angel investment.

two interview, just want to start a business with Wang Xingxue


a few months later, the media said Wang Xing’s meal was over and the times were looking for the next chance. I took the initiative to search his mailbox, and to contact him, and I remember their mailbox suffix is @sankuai. In 2009 November, I voted for him

I always love renren inside, 2009 year not be closed, I will pay more attention to the elder brother xing. I think he’s going to do something new.

April 15, 2016, Shen Peng left the United States group, founded a mutual support platform, water droplets mutual aid, to get the Tencent, IDG capital, Gao Rong capital, the United States Group – public comment and so on, 50 million yuan of angel investment. In May 9th, water droplets joined each other on the line, and by August 19th, the number of policy members with water drops exceeded 1 million.

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