How to let search engines quickly include your websiteDo guest how to do a monthly income of 10000 y

I think the Taobao site do not others, follow the trend of copycat. In fact, no matter what it is, today, some people say that BBS promotion is good, you go to BBS promotion, tomorrow some people say SNS promotion is good, and to do sns. No matter what you do, always have your own ideas. Don’t be too concerned about what others think. For example, in the promotion, if it is Taobao promotion, sure to find the relevant flow of large BBS or website to promote, not only can bring traffic, but also increase the chain, kill two birds with one stone. You can go to look at the mint forum, one of the most popular sector has a 2010 weight loss slimming products list posts, is my hair, looking for people to do a top stick tool, all-weather top post, mint is a lot of traffic network. Only on this day can help me bring 100 yuan Amoy Commission, 100 yuan is not too much, because many weight loss products Commission alone 100 yuan. In addition, the chain has increased, but also from the search engine to bring part of the directional traffic.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

program, there are problems, you do not look for the best online free program is put up, because it is free, then use this set of procedures of the people must have a lot, so in the rankings is very influential. We can download the program itself to change, such as keywords sorting, some details processing, website layout, can be slightly changed, so search engine will think your website is original program. Of course, it’s best to make a new one yourself, or you can find someone else to do it. This is a "shopping University" I just did a new guest long station, directly in the sh419 can be found out. The website is www.gouwudaxue, same as the station name. Web site is also downloaded, slightly changed. Yes, please

site is done, but watching no progress of access statistics, how many webmaster once helpless, depressed. To promote the site, most of the owners first thought is to visit the various search engines, so there are many webmaster will read the search engine page of the search records, find a suitable search engine login software, or spend lots of money to buy all kinds of genuine software to search engine landing landing, there is the manual to find the various search engines landing entrance, a landing, but busy until the last, but has little effect.

for the new landing site search engine, divided into two cases, one is FFA, which is artificial directory such as DMOZ, the directory need artificial to landing, the landing software was generally landing, but the success rate is very low, the other is a real search engine.

their commitment is generally calculated from the landing date, generally around disposed within the new site for the webmaster, it seems that time is too long, but not necessarily can be included. How can I let the major search engines quickly include my website? This is a question that is often asked me.

through my observation, summed up the search engine website of simple introduce to you now.

In addition to the promotion of

saw a guest in a friend on A5, that is the real money friends do not share his methods, his earning experience. I beg to differ for this argument. I do not deny that there are indeed part of the webmaster is in a muffled fortune, different to others, and some Wangzhuan master may not have the time to publish the article. But there are also those who share the spirit of the station, is willing to communicate with others, to share their experience. I even if one of them, of course, dare not boast of any master, but now the monthly income higher than wages, but also as a harvest.

I’m an office worker. I work as a clerk in a company. I usually print documents, take a material, and so on. So I often watch on the A5 and some webmaster related articles. Then gradually began to do, time flies, imperceptibly also have a few years. I am from the beginning of last year, Taobao customer contact, from the start I do is to Amoy navigation website, Taobao suggested that some friends do not directly link, because the link will fail. Website is different, you promote the web site is not invalid, if promoted properly, the chain will continue to increase, ranking improve at the same time, will also bring certain flow.

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