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according to statistics, from February 2012 to August, "Taobao class" a period of monthly income of students has more than 10 thousand yuan, and do the best is Huang Yehong, and now has got more than 80 thousand yuan monthly income.


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Taobao class in the classroom, the students are managing the online shop, while filling in a single, shipped

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class, the teacher speak on how to do the promotion of goods in Taobao, the "Ding Dong" sound resounds. Each student has a computer on the table, a cable, they can listen to the lectures while managing their own online shop, chat with customers through bargaining tools, and even orders. "Ding Dong" sound into a unique voice chat in the classroom, teachers also do not mind these silk.

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from Yiwu to Puning, "Taobao class" entrepreneurial cheats is what? Yangcheng Evening News reporter walked into the Chaoshan College in Guangdong, Puning, listening to these 90 college students dream of entrepreneurship.

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September 18, 2012, Chaoshan College and Puning local large-scale "Puning International Commodity City" held Taobao Pioneer Park launching ceremony. Here, the commodity city opened a "Taobao Street", for the Chaoshan College "Taobao class" students to provide sites, networks, etc., for them at the same time on line and offline business.

More than seven

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Wen / TU Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Luyao

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, with the spread of desktop computer in a "buzz", Huang Yehong and his colleagues began a busy day.

Huang Yehong is a junior student at Chaoshan Vocational and Technical College Chaoshan College. In February, originally studied architecture, he joined the school’s new start-up Institute, became a student of Chaoshan College entrepreneurship class, began to become well-known Taobao sellers.

zip code: 210000


, located in the Puning city on the west side of Chaoshan Plain, is the largest collection of Chinese herbal medicine, clothing, textiles and the biggest shirt production base in Guangdong province. The local saying goes: "every 4 shirts in the country, one of which is made in Puning.". One out of every 7 pajamas in the country is made in Puning."

States, provinces, or regions: Jiangsu


City: Nanjing


Chaoshan College Taobao classes for six months, all of them are million households, the highest monthly income exceeded 80 thousand yuan.

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entrepreneurship myth

entrepreneurship class also known as "Taobao class", learn from the Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College Taobao entrepreneurial model, to lead students to open online shop to achieve entrepreneurial dream.

in December 2011, the Institute of entrepreneurship was officially launched, and more than 800 students from the whole school enrolled in the training, selected 62 people, became the first phase of entrepreneurship College students.

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