A brief analysis of the story of automatic money making machinesTo entrepreneurs today’s hard presse

what can I do if I can’t get the money?

bitter heart forced

says above

will our product users like it,

what does the competitor do with us?

"in an start-up company, nothing will happen unless you come up with something."."


? What should I do?

wrote this article is how to treat the money machine automatically bear strong story, we can put this article as a business story, hope can give you an idea of thinking and not the same.

be able to make a profit?

is my company developing too slowly,


, or you’re rich, you lend money to people and use it to give you interest, which makes me feel like a money machine. There is another industry – usury. At the same time, many people have lent money to lend. These are the stories that have happened to me, some of them only lose hundreds of thousands, and some of them can not make up for the losses. Well known as "financing", say "good" is called illegal fund-raising.

you talk about our own automatic money making machines. The stories I’ve heard have many people in hospitals, schools, and similar institutions. In order to give oneself more income, where will open a shop, and then hire people to help take care of, so as to improve their income.

Abstract: the entrepreneur itself is hard to force, is the financing of entrepreneurs is hard to force the fighter! Sometimes I feel so bitter also choose entrepreneurship entrepreneurship we are not in.

CTO leaving?

earlier, I read a blog from Silicon Valley’s famous entrepreneur and investor Marc Andreessen: "Why not to do a startup" why you shouldn’t start a business?. There was one word that impressed me:

what is an automatic money machine? When you’re sleeping, you don’t have to think about anything, then you wake up and you can count the money and count the money. That is, you can always be happy and happy to play, but you can still have money when you play. That’s what we often call the automatic money making machine. From my point of view, a few years ago, the real estate investment, investment in the field of good domain name.

is undoubtedly an automated money making machine. In my life here, downtown a window room, a few years ago, the price is hundreds of thousands of, and now the rent is also hundreds of thousands of a year. As for domain names, a good domain name, everyday natural IP is available. Includes some easily lost domain names and so forth.

?When will

can’t be changed. What should I do,

work hard, forced

preface often see money making machines earn 500 daily, making money machines earn 1000 of spam every day. Earn 500 per day, which is 15000 yuan per month. If you can earn 500 per day, why do you want to advertise again?. Also often see some people deceived by these people, I feel sad, but cheated the money better than poor children in the mountains. In a word, we believe you earn 500, to buy he bought you something he really earned 500.

?What about What

, In, a, startup, absolutely, nothing, happens, unless, you,, make, it, happen.


The acquisition and maintenance of the

? ?What about

for a founder, you need to constantly urge everyone including yourself to do everything the company needs: write code, operation, management, finance, recruit, customer service and so on the expansion of the user. Even cleaning and garbage such chores sometimes.

automatic money making machine is a topic that you and I are interested in about the automatic money making machine and how to obtain such a machine. If you are rich, you can buy a profitable company with a high sum of money, but how much is it?. I’ll tell you, it won’t be low.

most of the time, no one will tell you what to do, all you can do is stick to it and stick to it.

today, as a startup dog, I’ll share with you how hard it is to start a business!

these are the psychological challenges that entrepreneurs must face every day. Besides these, there are problems that worry entrepreneurs all the time:

the hardest part of starting a business is probably learning how to adjust your mindset. Start later, your mood will be like riding a roller coaster: change radically yesterday you feel smug is to conquer the world, today you’re depressed to think of themselves as the world’s biggest loser. It is more terrible, as long as you are in business, your heart will not stop the cycle through the ups and downs: sometimes your body full of blood, sleep 4 hours a day all feel energetic; sometimes you are depressed, really hope that you don’t need to wake up tomorrow; you may fall because of pressure and loss of appetite and weight, you may also because of pressure and overeating, weight soared……

Ma Yun owns the Ali system, is also an automatic money making machine, Ma Yun does not understand the technology, he can ask someone to help him get the technical aspects of things. Ma Yun does not understand management, he still can ask professional manager team. Ma can retire, but his business can still make money for him, this is not a money making machine?.

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