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But from the beginning of the construction of plant breeding

, a breeding plant had been built on the slopes of his hometown, surrounded by a scattered open area. Some trees were planted in spring and planted under the forest. At the same time, plan to set up some ponds and farmhouse around when farming is on its routine. The main consideration is that the township next door has a national 4A class tourist attractions, so consider the tourist attractions to some of the tourists drained to his farm life, experience the park for sightseeing and consumption. This formed a combination of farming and farming, tourism and life experience combined model development.

encountered a variety of wonderful people, not the beginning, entrepreneurship subsidies and farming subsidies will not give up this, you know where to go and then need to pull the wire to the breeding factory, all the cables, wire rod etc. all are friends spent, the "wonderful people" said confiscated, including their own mountain roads. Otherwise it will be a private line, and all of them will be removed.

By the end of

By the end of

so give our greatest inspiration is what? Is the college students’ entrepreneurship, especially in the industry of college students, the first face is not the lack of resources, not lack of funds, not lack of facilities, and the local tyrants is actually really worth pondering.

lecture network include management, culture, education, science and technology, nature, politics, law, society, life and training, exams, etc.. I believe that he and Hu team should have studied Sina video channels and the total number of video sharing sites, learning, entertainment and so on. Tens of thousands of video programs, are all free, online play is very smooth. The lecture network is now, fees as a profit model, here relates to the timing and details of the operation such as price and so on, it should also be thinking, I think. Also, video sites and video technology, and lecture network now video technology is not very good, can not provide users with a good experience, this also needs to be improved.

from the site now positioning, lecturewebsite is B2C education website, is now the only Internet content provider many lectures is not enough to listen to the image, has considered the pure MP3 format audio files for download to PDA, mobile phone or MP3 walking behind? Wireless online listening viewing may be more suitable for the living habits of target users, but also in line with the direction of the future wireless ageThe main sections of the

2014, a friend with his savings from work and his family’s prepared marriage deposits decided to return to his hometown to start his own business and make a career. The choice of industry is under forest breeding + ecological farm + tourism fun.

these friends have endured, after all, want to do business, and at the beginning did not want those subsidies, but also know not to get. Friends continue to follow the plan, planting trees in the spring. The results, receiving the notice above, the village slopes need to develop tourist attractions. Have friends think you can demolition compensation, compensation or other nearby places, he is supportive, he can be re implemented according to plan, the tourist attractions in the vicinity of tourists go to his farm better drainage ecological experience garden. But as a result, nearly 300 thousand of farms and eco parks cost less than $10 thousand, and the removal of farms is nowhere else. Equivalent to the demolition, the project is over, finished.

in this public innovation, the pioneering era, many students also choose home business! When with lofty ideals and high aspirations home business, but failed, the key is to fail because of "tyrants" and "vision".

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