Small beauty webmaster hematemesis experience

remember, just contact the network, but also in the Internet bar to play a stand-alone game, and then go to my current master to learn to do web site, in fact, I have been interested in this area. (omitted)


came here, my master do is some video station, beauty station. It was the first feeling:! How do this website yeah, and later found the original to make a website like Sina, like the 163, just like a dream.

What they don’t understand when

came first, learning software PS, the basic DW. soon after, I began to have passion almost entirely by boring learning to erase, until you see yourself when the station is displayed in the browser, the excited ~ tears, wake up every day, and the energy is.

on me a little rookie, behind the difficulty is hard to imagine, he did not know what to SEO, then find some soft Wen, it is more and more confused, a lot of expert how to feel that they are not the same. A chaos pound.


gosh! Baidu even two months included my station. The collection came close to 5000IP, dig! The future bright, sunny, two months of hard work birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, not wasted digging.

on the night of sleep, is called a word: good! ^_^ was soon asleep. Feeling to sleep for a while, feel someone calling me, slowly ears: X X * * * your station was K, I was still in a daze, with the words said, how may Baidu only included yesterday, today is K! Still I thought he was joking with me, in a whisper back saying: really? He shouted: Yes, that was me, jumped up, wearing a pants breath rushed to the computer, open the Baidu. Site at ~~~~" 0 " search results: Heaven, earth ah, I feel the days are dark..

depressed for a long time, I try to find the reason, there is no chance to see reincluding, went back to the station to see those who out of order out of order of the text, which said a set of, after every one mood surging, read the ten chapter, looking back, or a word:


after a long time, I still insist on updating, but also hope to be able to again included, and after do not remember how long, and patience is also grinding. Directly thrown aside, regardless of the. Do another station,.

away before my station, re do a station, the station, I have to do now, this station included down soon, but the flow is less can not imagine then while included, every day to find some fierce Links, and ^_^ (find before the station did not come), although has been very ordinary, but I can see the flow upward trend, ah.. confidence back…

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