Overnight, Baidu included between 1 and 2210 articles

before a few period of time, Baidu included only one article, traffic is basically on the Google, before also wrote a few articles about the optimization of the Google article: "Baidu is not included, let GG come to you with the flow", "talk about GG outside the chain anchor text selection optimization".

, go to Baidu Site:www.kookla.cn before you go to bed last night. Found included suddenly from 1 helicopter to 2210, really can’t phase own eyes, for insurance sake, second days up and go to Site, and really received 2210. Baidu’s collection overnight from 1 helicopters to 2210 articles. This is the new station, 20 days, Baidu finally included.

after a whole day of analysis and observation, I found that in fact, Baidu has already included my site in the second days when I used the new domain name, and not only included one, but a large number of volumes. If you do not believe, go to Site my domain name, you can see in front of the collection date is in February 25th. But before I went to check, Baidu showed only one page of the results.

anyway, at least proved a bit, Baidu will still be included in the new station. Only the time included slow to root my judgment, Baidu included the length of time with the content of your website number is concerned, if the website started a lot of content, the Baidu index will be relatively slow; if less, and more original, that included will be more quickly. In fact, this is included in the Collection refers to when we go to Site, Baidu gives results. Normal, Baidu included are faster, but because of the review will be relatively slow, so you may have to wait a long time will show the results included.

therefore, here to build Italy new station friends, if you want to quickly let Baidu included quickly, that at the beginning, the content of the web site don’t put too much, it is better to more original article. Then, increase the number each day. After the stability of Baidu included, if you want to collect or increase the amount of content, it’s up to you. If you have a large collection of words, then the construction of the first stop collection, every day manually add some original content, do not have more than a few articles on the line. After Baidu included stability, then go to pick it.

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