Skinner B standing really faces the official two generation Xu Yiming mouth dark profit, the annual

Abstract: with advertising, user financing, hand travel hand in hand three sources of income, B station’s annual net income was as high as 200 million yuan. Thus, Xu Yi began to seek B round of financing, this time he still trick, a poor mouth a mouth and denied financing behavior.

, who has been in deep trouble for a long time, has been in trouble recently (referred to as " B station "); he’s been in trouble again recently. In addition, the latest complaint from Xi’an Jia Yun society and Shanghai cohesion media has reached 5 at the same time as B station, which involved 16 cases involving cases of copyright lawsuits.

generally, the business circles in the litigation experience after the brawl situation is not miserable is simply yellow. From the two dimensional world of B station, and not actually take time for. According to informed sources, B station has completed the IDG led by the B round of financing, the amount of 180 million yuan, and its valuation has reached 1 billion 700 million.

then, B should be faced with "extinction". Why can we achieve capital success?

by B shuahou, overtaking


(Dan) in prehistoric times the original scene video, A station (ACFun) with the founder of a strong rise in success, is the largest group of users; then the B station, but a man named MikuFans wretch, their founder Xu Yi (i.e. Bishi) even A senior member station. Unfortunately, because users jumped good times don’t last long, and the source of complexity, A gradually in the server load and the contents of the control are no longer hold live, there were people workers also hit the main backbone of UP website (to provide resources outside the chain of Porter’s morale).

has been in the A station "undercover" Xu Yi then take aim to restart its own website, B officially launched the station. At the same time, he began to those dissatisfied with the A station UP of poaching, and the Navy forces deteriorated A station atmosphere, while the control for B and A stations in contrast to the iron content. With the loss of backbone members and a large number of people, the dominance of A station has gradually been replaced by B station.



B station finally secured barrage video station boss position, Xu Yi really began gradually revealed. The B station was formally established in third years, he had a son in the BiliBili it says in the website in the advertising case is still a loss of nearly 7 digits, and that "the money has been borne by his team, personally, this is the limit".

due to high bandwidth costs, there is a loss of video website is normal, but not necessarily equal to the loss of money, or Youku and other industry giants have to shut up shop. Xu Yi is just playing a gimmick, confused out of "loss" and "no money" different concepts, with the "poor" to win the sympathy of users. Such a "monkey".

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