How to do a good job in the western restaurant product marketing

for any shop operated by the product, only to do a good job of marketing related products, will make the business of the shop has a more popular good development. The restaurant in the modern popularization of the domestic food market, food and beverage as exotic, with unique exotic food culture and customs, whether from food production, style, or eat are totally different. Many investors choose to invest in western style restaurants, the same domestic and Western food and beverage stores have sprung up.

but most stores did not accept the western food culture management training, only in accordance with the traditional Chinese style catering business management idea, actually in the wrong Western-style food as a kind of exotic, in China with rich marketing elements, which can refer to Western marketing means, it also needs to consider the specific cultural environment. Want to do a good job in the western restaurant product marketing strategy, need to do the following:

first, improve the quality of food and beverage, the creation of specialty products

to ensure that the raw materials of health and fresh products. Strict control, especially the procurement and processing of raw materials, prohibit the use of substandard raw materials or other ingredients. Western restaurant in strict accordance with a variety of production processes and processes to do a good job to improve the taste. Regular training to cook, improve their cooking.

quality assurance. For the lack of product components, beverage concentration is not enough, can take the following methods:

1, to ensure adequate supply within the cost range.

2, western restaurant regularly organized such as product production processes and on-site demonstrations, each process, each link to the students, so that customers have access to enjoy the feeling of value.

two, pay attention to product mix

The purpose of the

restaurant portfolio is to enhance the attractiveness of the product and increase sales. Reasonable planning of food and beverage products and holidays combination.

to row type, grilled class based, supplemented by hamburg. Elaborate couple packages, birthday packages, personal consumption packages, etc., to form their own characteristics.

A. lovers combination

couples in the dining environment requirements are relatively high: they generally choose the environment elegant, romantic atmosphere and relatively high grade dining place. Especially in some special days, they require more private space, do not want to be disturbed frequently; second, the variety of dishes, style, taste, but also a higher demand. Thus, the environment is a good western restaurant Lovers Dating first choice.


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