The old webmaster experience to share how hold live guest Commission

from 09 to 12 years Taobao customer has experienced 3 years of groundless talk, development can now be said to Taobao customers is now a very competitive industry, not too much that has entered the "national Amoy" era, which is not a webmaster Amoy on the stand, even Sina NetEase, Sohu, such portals also have Taobao off advertising.


off that white is actually working for others their commission, and trust in your webmaster have their own station, acquiring the flow method, but the most important point is the product in the hands of the hands of others, the Commission also grasp the initiative in the hands of others. My own hands and have more than a dozen guest station, what the product promotion commission has also been reduced to the seller, to share how to live it with the hold guest commission experience me now.

starts by choosing the right product and seller

believes that every guest in Taobao the first step is to choose the right product, believe that most people will go to the pursuit of High Commission, high sales of products, but it should be noted here is that some shops are just operating, will open Taobao customers to promote high commissions to attract guest promotion, the so-called there must be rewarded under Isao, maximum IP who do not want to will not be easy for the transformation, but with the passage of time after the new developed slowly is not relying on the guest, the Commission will reduce or cancel, so everyone in the choice of products must choose durable products and sellers.

Commission has been reduced, to insist on communicating with the seller

believes that the biggest blow to all the Amoy owners in addition to the K station and the Commission is reduced no, if the Commission is only a little less believe we can endure, but if the amplitude is reduced, and trust in your webmaster may have to give up the idea,

if you continue to continue, your efforts may not be in direct proportion to output, so it is better to build a new website. But for their own hard to establish the site who can throw to throw? Encounter this situation we must actively communicate and sellers, do their best to save, no matter how the final result at least you do, below and share my experience of actual communication.

1, ask why

first ask the seller why the Commission reduced, first to find out the reasons, and actively help the seller to solve problems, as long as the seller of the problem, I believe we can put the Commission and then transferred back, all owners at the time of communication the first encounter is the customer service customer service, but not this thing, only contact to charge it, so we must communicate with customer service and lay a good relationship, which is linked to the only channel charge, so we must be careful.

2, prove the strength of

when you communicate, first of all >

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