To do a station is very simple, to be a webmaster, but very tired

after a failure to do the station, they are confused, in the end what is called the station, what is called the webmaster? QQ is full of webmaster communication group. China webmaster group, which is discussed every day, the webmaster is concerned about the flow, procedures, code.

always sees others do it very simple, very simple, and when you start, it is so difficult., such a corn, I use it as an emotional station. As a result, because of my failure in the HTML, the station was destroyed in my hands. Fortunately, the friends in the group helped me. Let me retrieve myself from the new, determined to do a webmaster League, from the Internet to find the WODIG, this does not belong to the domestic source, and now has been open source. I feel good。 I’m a bit of an imitation of the Anhui Adsense league. What’s the purpose of being a station, and I’m just very simple for everyone?.

shows you the site, let more people know we use KINGCMS station, to allow more people to learn how to use KINGCMS (a CMS.ASP architecture with relatively simple version of the PHP will exit) to establish their own web site. Of course, when these words come out. Attract a lot of opposition. Remember a friend in the group said: "to be good at protecting yourself, then I was thinking, since you want to protect yourself, don’t let your station be attacked, be imitated, be watched.". So, what do you do for the purpose of making money? See the immediate benefits? Nothing more than just a short period of time to get a certain crowd of Pro gaze. Can think a little silly. Things that you can think of. Other people can think of what you can do, and others can do it (not afraid to take the time to outdo others).. But afraid that I have no time to surpass myself.).

to be a successful webmaster is very simple, to be an unsuccessful webmaster is very difficult (I haven’t succeeded yet, try to surpass myself). I need to see my IP every day. To update the site information, although the acquisition system does not need to manually to obtain what is collected, but advertising, playing good, just need a set of procedures, you can be a light of heart from care center.

remember an article written very well, that stationmaster gets up at 6 every morning, take a look at the news. Update your website’s content and check the site’s dead link. How many people visit every day?. That’s the way it goes back and forth every day. Me too. Although the time is not in the morning, every night must work, after 12 points, the intention of the exchange in return is great. (station

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