Webmaster first calm down to the user experience

, regardless of the webmaster is out of interest or other reasons for the site, to the later period, 99% of the webmaster necessarily need a certain income to support 7788 of the cost.

money in the hands of users, how to make users willing to consume, become your customers, you need products have more derivative services. Such derivatives can be achieved through specific product projects, services, or activities. But the point is, do you understand what your users need? And why do you want to pay for the product?

imagine, when we tried to bend over backwards from all sides of users through the search engine to pull, a result is also very big realistic problem in front of. How do you convert these user resources into your customers?.

users and customers are two different groups, and users need to be paid more attention to. If the lack of access to users, then good products and content, it is difficult to obtain good business income.

deposits your users through your product or website content, and this part of the user will be your potential customer. Finding and meeting the needs of users should be the first consideration for every webmaster.

all for the user, from the user’s needs. Webmaster should follow the user’s habits, rather than blindly pursue different or personality and the like. Changing the user’s habits and adapting users to you costs much more than you think.

first knows what the user experience is

user experience is the process by which a user accesses a web site and uses a product. Generally speaking, the user experience can be divided into three parts: visual experience, functional experience and psychological experience.

1, visual experience: when the user first visit your site, there will be a first impression, from the UI design, content, users of the product or web site on the macro impression, if the content is of interest, it will remain on the site and use function. Visual experience is actually a very personal experience, which is influenced by the user’s own cognition and habits. There are some uncertainties.

2, the function of experience: the user problems found on the acceptability, I visited 6720 webmaster trading network, see the UI design of this website is quite satisfactory, but the content of this site is all nonsense worthless, is intolerable, and this would be the last time he take the initiative to visit your site.

3, psychological experience: when users browse web sites or use web site product functionality, he will compare his previous expected expectations, resulting in a certain difference. If the result of this visit is higher than expected, it will lead to a better user experience. On the contrary, there may be a sense of "being cheated".

user experience exists in all sites, and customer experience exists in the hope of obtaining benefits through Web Operations >

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