As the webmaster, you need to know six strategies

each person’s personality is different different attitudes to life, so also have their own living standards, the site is no exception, the development process of a website without showing the webmaster personal style, which I call it the webmaster guidelines. The author runs the website to calculate also have 4 years of history, how much also formed individual website operation style, here brief summary, share everybody, hope to be helpful to your website operation job.

1. website domain name strategy the first step is to register the domain name, the domain name of the importance of not much introduction, personal Jialun is important in the choice of the domain name, a good domain name can bring great help to the website operation. The individual tendency in the choice of domain name to Larry or 5 below the digital domain, it chose not to 10 letters about three pieces can be introduced at the same time, the site name must be consistent with the domain name, so it is convenient to memory. For example, my Baidu people’s domain name is also, so that it is very convenient for users. If you can not find the domain name to the domain name trading forum to use the wisdom of the people, to spend money to buy a catchy Larry domain is very much worth it.

2. space strategy of domain name registration is ready to consider the purchase of space, I practice is the first choice to save cost relatively cheap space, even temporary space can find a friend, there is no need to just online website renting a server, so the initial cost is too large, the pressure will be great webmaster. The most important thing is to start on-line testing, as the content and function of the website continues to improve, and then gradually increase the bandwidth of the server will be more secure. At the same time, some types of websites will not use too much bandwidth, there is no need to buy a server at all. The space for the people of Baidu is currently using free 2G space sponsorship, and of course, some of the ads are also sacrificed.

3. when used to do the site promotion strategy website an on-line post everywhere let everyone see my website, now gradually change ideas, the line on the website after the first small promotion to obtain some initial "white mouse" users, any website can not do with the increase of user must be perfect in every respect, the amount of time perfect, so just on the line once the site to promote a wide range of products but may be the opposite effect. At the same time, search engines also need a collection of Web site process, the initial or suggest to do the content first, improve the search weight, and then promotion will get better effect. Baidu people station 2 months, so far has not been fully promoted, the previous month has been the accumulation of high quality content, so that every new user can stay on this site.

Promotion of

4. to connect the best strategies for individual webmaster is search engine optimization, therefore also involves the exchange Links, the establishment of a new site without any PR value everywhere exchange links is not a wise choice. Personal experience is that the site builds 3 >

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