Taobao operating plan eye run Bao from market analysis to store promotion

The origin of

, by chance, found the shop, feeling quite unique products, and later owner by want to simply understand it, the boss is very warm, also is to talk to, then the simple naturally or half unconsciously help him analyze some can enhance the place of his product, probably a a month later, he said he was looking for the operation, I hope I can help him to do part-time. He is the main push products eye Runbao, eye care products is a pure herb, is a small category in the receiving hand, I mainly do the eye Runbao analysis in Taobao’s market capacity, competitor analysis, user analysis and product analysis.

because the product needs to be understood first, and the quickest way to understand it is to understand its peers and users. Therefore, I have to consult the boss, eye Runbao competitors what products, the boss told me that there are eye drops and eye paste, but most are now using medicine users come to buy. Through the actual understanding, eye moisturizing treasure and eye drops can achieve the same effect, and the main role of eye care paste is massage care.

market analysis and competitor analysis

then made a survey of eye drops and made a statistic on the sales of eye drops at different prices.



, as you can see from the diagram,

10-20 yuan price, the highest sales, the highest market capacity, to domestic brands, C shops for sale.

20-30 yuan price, the market capacity in general, mainly domestic brands eye drops

30-40 yuan price, the market capacity in general, one is foreign brands, and two are domestic brands of eye drops

40-50 yuan price, the market capacity is low, one includes eye run treasure, there are 5 foreign brands.

50-60 yuan price, the market capacity in general, with domestic brands disposable eye drops and foreign eye drops mainly.

60-70 yuan price, higher market capacity, with foreign brands of eye drops mainly.

70-80 yuan and more than 80 yuan price, the market capacity of the minimum, to foreign brands eye drops based.

through the above analysis, combined with eye run treasure first entered the market, no reputation. Li Leiting proposed to enter the 50-60 yuan price segment. On the one hand, the market capacity will be greater, on the other hand, because of small visibility, but also domestic goods, the initial price is too high, is not conducive to market promotion. Later sales promotion, you can raise prices. Because the owner worried about the price increases, the impact on product sales, as well as some other reasons, it has been using the original price of 42 yuan. The pricing method is cost plus profit.

through the above can also be basically predicted to see eye run treasure in Taobao’s total market sales, when >

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