How can a template station better be included in the experience

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first talks about the problem of using CMS templates to build a website (the following crawler refers to search robots, also known as search spiders, but I prefer to call him a crawler)

, this CMS is too much. Let me take the example of using MAX to build a movie station. In order to avoid advertising, I try not to appear on my website. If you want to look at the station, you can find it on my signature,.

using MAX procedures, the use of the most should be the official template, or everyone is under the template. So that everyone stood stereotyped, crawling reptiles see, of course, will be bored, not included, did not discuss the

once saw a post in the forum, is the top of Baidu answers to why some stations are not included in Baidu (specific to write what you search it, I don’t remember), which was mentioned in the template of the problem, he is not suggesting that you use templates. Or most likely to modify the template. But

For many

like me like this. (only rookie easier said than done with someone else’s back). But want to be included and how to do it. I’ve been at midnight last night, you want to ah, reptile and smart, he is not human, we will not modify a large area of the template, but changed little or no problem for example, change the text. (here may say is not clear, from the new editor note) Ningbo building materials

this text is simple. For example, we changed the site navigation are: Home action comedy romance sci-fi horror drama cartoon variety and drama drama drama film made in Hong Kong and Taiwan on Korean

let’s let him change, change: Home action movie comedy film and television film science fiction film love horror movie drama film and television animation television variety television Taiwan domestic film television film

television in Europe and Japan and South Korea.

of course, this is just an example, specific change method, everyone according to their station, can the place many, most need to change there, we can simulate grab

look at the search engine in the end read what content, good change on the change, so that and other stations have a lot of difference, was sentenced to the same possibility will greatly reduce the.

we have to change to the new point (difficult).<>

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