Can be used to name the shop

shop named a variety of ways, and consumers in order to attract more consumers, in short, to the store to get a more innovative name. Anyway, now the shop to do business not only to work in business strategy, even a name is we have to make a fuss. A word of the business is good: advertising a board, it seems that there is no life; a newspaper, sales growth.

Now the name of the importance of

is more and more big, how are you in this competition is not flashing flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? Other famous celebrities, has always been the focus of public opinion, if we can skillfully use these things as a name in its own right, obviously than myself a rare name much better. By other people’s reputation for their own money is also a small business success tips.

has a "Kong Yiji" inside the hotel Xianheng as the prototype of "Xianheng hotel in Shaoxing, the hometown of Lu Xun".


of the store layout with "Kong Yiji" in the famous business as like as two peas, with Shaoxing Jiafan Medium Dry wine and Kong Yiji eat beans flavored with aniseed inside the waiter, also wearing a black felt hat like Kong Yiji. Each walk in here the customers will feel the scene inside the novel, an antique feel deeply attracted tourists from all sides.

because the clever use of the influence of the Lu Xun works, this is called "Xianheng Hotel" shop has become a local notorious small star.

it is not difficult to find a good name can not only rely on their own ideas, sometimes clever to borrow other people’s influence to the propaganda is also a very effective way for yourself. For example, there is called "Besieged City" and "sanweishuwu bookstore, these are all the famous scene in the works moved to reality, fresh and elegant feel to the customer. Naturally, customers are more willing to spend in this unique place, want to shop to make money will become relatively easy.

business revelation: use a good story, a good name

1. famous with the influence of celebrities. Now, people’s consumption concept has not only stay in the material to enjoy, they hope that there is a high quality mental experience, this time a culture, highlighting their taste names will attract a large number of customers to a great extent, and the customer will be willing to pay.

as Shaoxing’s "Xianheng Hotel" is the use of the well-known "Kong Yiji" a book so you can Xianheng Hotel, to narrow the distance with customers shop. It is important to set up shop to seize the main selling point, which is the attraction of customers willing to consume. By name

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