For some new Adsense, Laoniao away

contact network for several years, has been a novice, wandering in the store. I also rookie rookie

personal webmaster a few things every day:

1. login, check their station rankings, ups and

2. landing Baidu, Google, Site, a bit of their own station included, see if today is closed or down.

3. pay attention to cnBeta, im286, Admin5, what happened again today,


4. check the statistics, look at those keywords today, the most, what keywords dropped, access to the background, Baidu and Google source ratio. Simple analysis under

5. eat, sleep, take proper attention to rest,

personal Adsense must pay attention to several things:

1. over SEO will only make you cry, the first thing to understand, SEO is just a process, not the end result. In do not know SEO to keep the routine, never do garbage heap so that Baidu keyword, Google, sandbox at any time on you to keep. K very miserable fate.

2. reverse periodic check friendship connection and web connected local connections, especially BBS, if the visitors try to pay attention ranking information connected address and search engines, if K and his connections in your station, it would be one thing very miserable. The same BS seriously do station, ranking drop does not find the reasons, would rather put the station to the garbage station, with some non mainstream advertising [PW] advertising, buy friendship connection, it will self destruct.

3. do not malicious propaganda, what post machine, Baidu automatic return machine, do not use indiscriminately, of course, can be appropriate, excessive use, not only to you do not bring reverse connection, search engine K is very likely.

4. do not do League promotion and flow [non union advertising], could you do today, the short-term effect is very good, but good things will not long. You know do promotion are businessmen, individual owners to save money to the server..

5. not to collect thousands of night without sleep, rather than manual Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, don’t easily collect a momentary, serious man, seriously do station. Of course, if you have a good collection, I don’t mind, one of my friends is a master in this.

6. must have the original, do everything possible to do this should be the PR value, needless to say, Alexa is also very important, 6 room owners said a word, Alexa is like a bitch. Everyone knows that she is not clean, but not her beauty.

unless you’re going to be the garbage station, all of these can be considered waste

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