ndividual stationmaster wants deep understanding, study, thought, copy

talking about copying, crtl+c, I believe that every webmaster will be used, cooked, rotten, but today is about thinking, copy!


I just copied from the start, entering the station, many people will be confused, and some do not made a year of good IP station, in fact, we have ignored the basic point.

I put Baidu billboard Top50 hot search words on each side, because these 50 words inside, where the first page of the site, are the stationmaster of a lot of operation research expert, what? A word long time stable search in more than 50 thousand, the words of the heat, deserves our attention. We have been to the final fiftieth from the first words, I did not open a word, I put him on the first page of each site on all side, their research is what procedures, design and optimize the structure of the site, how much they are checking the chain, how to do, OK, can you make this 50 a study on the side of the first page of words, a total of 500 sites are serious, you will benefit estimation.

The first

I do is around: "Scientific Outlook on Development experience" the words, search volume is more than 50 thousand, and the first page of personal webmaster do stand are few, some relatively high weight of the blog, and state organs are learning Scientific Outlook on Development, still need to continue, I do this station and using the program WordPress, very good optimization, and then I will find good site, along the chain they do, about a month, I do the first page of the third day, there are more than 20 thousand IP, let me make a pot of gold, then I went on a single page, because at that time the CN domain name or a dollar, I saved more than 300 a domain name, buy 2 foreign php space, because a space can be 50 FTP, 5 in 100 single page, the execution is always my strengths, I have Try to imitate someone else’s single page approach, so, at the highest point, I have 160 thousand ip. Now, I mainly develop my seven travel network. Although it is a yellow flower, I want to tell you the importance of learning to imitate.

say the simplest example, recently developed Gu Baiyou SEO game, many top ranked sites are great, you seriously study these imitation, will let you benefit from several new sites I will do, is follow the Gu Baiyou top 10 station do the chain, the effect is very good.

station is not difficult, that is not to own innovation, exploration, discovery, they don’t always complain about, don’t cry, always due to objective factors, look for their own reasons! (the original http://s.7yoo.net / seven Travel Network Welcome to keep the connection, thank you!)

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