Personal Adsense in the process of entrepreneurship need to pay attention to seven problems

as the saying goes, everything is hard in the beginning, so is the website website, the biggest obstacle is started, there should be any novice do stand for more than half a year to prepare for a career in the process, after the rejection should be how to deal with, there are seven deadly traps:

1: this website, fancy a simple copy of the process, the more simple and easier to achieve the real goal. But some inexperienced webmaster, but things become very complicated. He does not listen to other people’s words, self righteous, wasting a lot of valuable time and energy in vain, many new Adsense with speculative mentality to stand, but found that efforts must be made to succeed.

2 is not willing to spend time: many people only regard him as a hobby or part-time job, do not work hard, and will not spend time, and therefore failed. Most people lose interest in the short run, many lose control when they begin to grow, and great opportunities are lost in the wrong way.

3 questions: first, to promote the site must listen to others’ good advice, don’t feel so good, you know in the network, others to help you, will not have money interests.

4, refused to blame yourself: do only do will have good results, in one to two years every day as much as possible the opportunity to tell someone the more the better, they will play their role.

5, do their own standing, but also can help others, perhaps you do not know, others will know that we complement each other, we are learning from each other in the growth of


6, and the referee relationship loss: the recommended person is your most important source of strength. He gives you advice, encourages you, and helps you absorb subordinates. Losing him is cutting off your lifeline,

friends, when you ask your friends you choose the type of site such as customers can do this, if they tell you not to do, you should seriously think about; tell you to do, you have to seriously think about; tell you they don’t believe that you want a serious thought! Because when all people do not believe that the market is only one hundred percent! Because you have asked the very people who care about you, they are thinking of people, complacent person, short-sighted people, as timid as a mouse people, negative people, is kept in the dark! Because they are 80% of the people, how can they give you the correct answer. Bill Gates predicted twenty years ago and believe that everyone will be in front of a small computer, today you don’t need to see the trend, you’re already here, if you are in the dark, so now we have to tell you, you wake up


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