What are the advantages and characteristics of HTML5 responsive web sites

speaking of H5 responsive website, many people first reaction is "the HTML5 website has a rich display form," H5 "website features many, responsive website can adapt to different screen size resolution devices, H5 responsive website easier to optimize" and so some views. Yes, HTML’s website does solve many of the functions that traditional web sites can’t achieve, and it has more elements and features. Today, Xiao Bian with detailed understanding, a HTML5 responsive web site has what kind of features and advantages?.

first gives you an analysis of the features of the HTML5 web site:

1. is friendly to search engines,

Flash based web site in search engines is basically can not find, and search engine spiders can crawl your HTML5 site and index your content. All of the content embedded into the animation will all be read by the search engine, which will drive your site to get more right click traffic.

2. access speed

"the world’s martial arts, the only fast is not broken."." When you use a mobile browser to access a PC end of the mall, and then visit a mall built specifically by H5, you’ll find that the H5 site has a faster access to the former. Because HTML5 technology can realize the pre load of the website.

3. cross platform operation

HTML5 website can adapt to a variety of screen, automatically adjust the layout, to solve the traditional PC station unfriendly to mobile terminals, but also transformed into a micro station, adding traffic to the enterprise entrance.


4. site has more multimedia elements,

is like a traditional slide projector to PPT. Compared with traditional websites, HTML5 pages are more abundant, and can replace flash and Silverlight very well, and bring more new ideas to users.

5. unified background

HTML5 website only needs a web site, can realize the adaptive terminal, users only need to purchase a domain name and space, can make PC+ mobile phone + micro station three station one website, just a management background, greatly reduce the cost of construction and maintenance.

then what are the advantages of HTML?

1. powerful, good user experience

HTML5 video playback more clear and smooth, more power; HTML5 game compact and smooth, high picture quality, easy to use; HTML5 advertising from the previous suspension, web advertising and rolling pop-up advertising is more easy for users to accept.

2. search engine friendly, site traffic large

The code for

HTML5 is "fit >"

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