Tell me about the experience of the new picture station

for doing web site, I am very vegetables, do not understand SEO, do not understand website optimization, do not understand what keywords, do stand is out of love.

had had several small, but not what flow, suddenly want to do a photo station a few days ago, itself is nothing to other website to see what the beauty of the picture, but looking very troublesome, especially too many ads, pictures of alliance is too much, from the station to the station chain again, from the station to another station, to finally do not know what to place.

The results of

want to see the picture did not see, but the entire computer crashes, especially depressed, so I want to get a picture of his love station, see pictures are collected, even if not what traffic, their own when a picture storage space is also good ah, just love MM ( was born, the day is May 18th, using the Dede program, half a day standing on the basic shape, although the content is not much, but the page is full of pictures, is a copy of my. Then submit the search engine and submit only Baidu and Google. The beginning of a very fancy home page, all pictures, hung for two days, friends said that the visit is very slow, it made a very simple home page, can be said to be simple, a total of 20 pictures, there is no friendship connection.

sixth days and from Google to flow, seventh days when there is flow from soso, but Baidu has been no movement. I just updated a few articles every day, didn’t go to Baidu space, in Baidu know, answered two questions, but only from there to a ip.

station just completed the first time is to modify the other templates, so I in the Dede Forum provides templates to download, the website also posted a demonstration, a few days ago basically from Dede people, two days ago and made a picture of the traffic connection, can have dozens of IP over every day.

today is the station built seventeenth days, from statistics see today from Baidu flow, I immediately went to Baidu to check included 268 pages, all the contents have been included. Home page included in May 28th. But only in June 4th did the search come.

this station is the least effort I have, and I haven’t done anything to promote it. I haven’t done any friendship connection, but it has been collected in the shortest time in several stations. Previously, those are usually 20, several days or even a month to be included. This time the picture station has not done anything to optimize, I think the most important thing is that I update it every day, and it is not collected, there is a web site is very simple, open the reasons for the speed of it.

wrote so much, there is no point, is simply a description of the whole process, I hope to be ready to do the station novice a little help.

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