Website analysis WA and nternet data analysis dig according to the difference

has many letters or messages from other friends, asking about the difference between WA (web analysis) and Internet data mining. This problem looks really quite tangled, not because of literal understanding, but because of the specific practice in the current Internet industry. Today is the weekend, I’m bored trying to do a superficial a peephole view to solve this problem, on the one hand, hoping to accept all criticism; on the other hand, is also one of the weekend time, I eat mixed drink mixed in this world, always offering what point.


from literal understanding, analysis of the WA website should be included in the category of Internet data mining analysis, but the actual situation is the current "website analysis WA" has become a very clear definition of independent professional titles and professional fields, which in fact has been with the current Internet data mining analysis "a clear boundary, so focus on the Internet, concerned about the Internet data analysis applications, for the analysis of WA website" and "Internet data mining" should understand and know the main difference between the two in practice.

on the site of WA "detailed introduction and application scenarios, you can go to, this is a personal blog (website), but in today’s Internet industry China actually plays the role of a" web site analysis WA portal (knowledge base) the role of the author (blogger the station is star song). To some extent, Song Xing is a synonym for the analysis of WA websites in china. Oh, the so-called hero, today China website analysis WA arena in the top spot in the song leader, should be grateful about this great era of the Internet, thanks to the fate of life!!!

from the superficial understanding of my personal point of view, the current site analysis of WA core is concerned about the analysis of the website "trend, transformation and subdivision, implementation of these core methods is how to scientifically and effectively distribution (only the effective management, can comprehensively record detailed data), combining with the current maturity of a series of analysis tools." the website WA analysis can be carried out analysis of visitors (new and old customer analysis, stratified analysis, etc.), analysis page analysis, analysis, transformation and structure of traffic sources, etc.. Personally think that the star song for today’s domestic website analysis value and the contribution of WA is the largest systematic collation, he defined a group of the field of professional name, systematic analysis of indicators, the field of systematic analysis and ideas (actually played a similar role of the industry standard drafting).

but if we must from the site analysis of WA found in it with the current Internet data mining analysis of the difference between the words, I personally feel that the difference is reflected in the following aspects (I was a frog, to be a superficial summary, look forward to the:< /p>.)

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