Talk about my DC drop experience

just a few days ago just finished the entrance exam, the heart finally relaxed. From 2006 when I bought a computer, I began to set up their own websites, I used many virtual hosts and servers, always want to find a chance to write down the feelings, and now I can finally down to write, to provide some experience for some novice friends.

first started, what all don’t understand, when I believe that time, suzhan I use the free space, but his free space provides only about 2 months later, do not know what the reason is not provided, because their free space is good, fast, stable, and customer service attitude good. So I built on this reputation, or buy their space, but when their space is paid monthly, 30 yuan per month, you can afford it, the first station for nearly 4 months, sold to a friend. The price is still about, earned only more than 1000, although not much, but gave me a lot of experience, to pay a lot of webmaster friends. These are things that money can’t buy. My second stations continue to do it, or for his space, but only two months later, they informed me that because of internal reasons, their spatial maturity is not open, no longer renew, so that we quickly transfer data.

When the

shift, the time space has yet to find a good, accounted for in a friend, put a few weeks, friends on the server hard disk burned out, Zhou Houcai got 1 data, but the website traffic has almost not left a few IP, that is to say second stations died, third, I changed the virtual host of the volcano in Sichuan Internet, the Internet has just begun when the volcano is established, the Mysql database is not very stable, there will always be online at the same time, not the number exceeds the limit, is CPU exceeds the limit, it can be said that I am a volcano and rain all the way at the same time to come. Later, the volcano gradually became better, and many people said the volcano was not good. In fact, from my point of view, otherwise, because of the volcanic stone launched a free 10G space, as well as low price of space, by peers tit for tat! But then, I had a bigger demand, and the functions of the volcano’s virtual host could not satisfy me. And seek better service.

so the Internet hit the post Wuhan perfect company, their company has just opened, at that time, they just got a promotion, 400 yuan 5G and four line space, or, I feel the value of the. So I bought that space with a friend, but the problem is far more complicated than I expected. Space is not accessible, FTP will always be the stop they always look for It is without rhyme or reason., all this as an excuse, always said this kind of problems, I set up the station is extended to more than 30 thousand IP, so slowly disappear. When I was converted to the forum, I used the DZ program, and there was no pseudo state, and they sent them back in the background to call them, but they told me that the server could not be set up. I’m depressed. No >

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