The website does not have its own brand, waiting only to be eliminated

most web operators only focus on the amount of traffic on the site, and they spend more time from time to time investing in site traffic. Pay little attention to the brand of the website. Sometimes, the flow channels of Shanzhai websites are usually brought by search engines, so they constantly expand their websites and want to get more traffic to win advertising fees or achieve some profit goal. For this kind of website, it is extremely dangerous, because his flow mainly comes from the search engine, maybe one day the website is down right, be K station, can’t be avoided. Sometimes many webmaster friends of their website is search engine punishment, right down, will mean the site no flow, or it can be said that the site from the webmaster of life not worth a hair, or even a lost security.

SNS community "happy net" after school again, but it was immediately copied more people, now I have countless network how many "happy net" (this does not know whether the head of happy net registered "happy net" the trademark, the current open network has become a kind of appellation the SNS community, it can also be said to be a big brand operators ignore the protection).

a good website has its own independent brand, which is not allowed to be copied by any one. Whether the site is engaged in a certain type, or a download station, or an advertising alliance.


brand can be the name of the site (not your Title filled with keywords), or the Logo of the site, or your particular domain name. As long as people see this name, they’ll remember what it’s like. Just as I said here, "Chinese army", you know it’s for download. When it comes to Baidu, you know it’s a search engine. The same reason, and your website? Whether the prominent emphasizing own brand name, your name? Sometimes see many webmaster friends love make the same mistakes, for example: "Title does not have any website name, just a lot of keyword stuffing, Logo? Even the keyword, and add pictures Notes or keyword." For such a site, ZeYa concludes that it has no future. Perhaps its source of access is only search users, perhaps this site has been visited by a user N times, and users think it is very useful. But users always look for it by searching for keywords and can sometimes be replaced by other sites. But it does not have its own brand or logo that is easy to remember, so it can be eliminated or replaced by other websites sooner or later. Why isn’t Baidu called "search engine"? Why don’t the Chinese Army call it "download station"? That’s the brand I mentioned. SEO also sometimes do not ignore this phenomenon, in front of me "what is ZhengZhan optimization" this article mentioned, Title format, as well as some matters all pay attention to the website optimization. You might as well have a taste of it.

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