Website promotion soft Wen to write, but don’t rush to publish everywhere

is the webmaster of soft Wen promotion recognized more effective means of promotion, will be soft to popularity is popular for people to read the website reproduced, can not only bring about IP, can also increase the number of the chain. But, not to say that the soft text is written, you must immediately send out. The author today to talk about, soft Wen promotion should pay attention to things.

soft Wen role,

soft Wen is what, the author will not say more, do not know the Internet search. The role of the soft, soft Wen is the webmaster for the webmaster, in order to promote themselves to the promotion of the website and write articles, a variety of forms, style is not limited to, common is, the article will join Adsense to promote the website domain name. After the soft release out, if the reader feel the value, will generally follow the soft mentioned in the domain name to visit is the promotion of the website, if so, the soft was reproduced, with the general web site will also be transferred together, thereby increasing the chain for the promotion of the website. The amount of the web site is an important factor in determining the weight of the web site in the search engine. Therefore, soft Wen promotion is the webmaster more like a promotion way.

soft text original judgment,

general search engine when processing data, in order to reduce waste of information, the data will generally repeated many times removed, then, what the article will be deleted? The original source of the search engine will determine the same article, the first to be indexed by search engines will be regarded as original the article, and the weights of the website will directly influence the results included. The weight of the high site spider is hard-working, included general speed is relatively fast, some other articles will be included to slow the same great may be deleted (even if the article is starting on your site is of no avail). This is why many large sites collect data after the search engine will not even be included right down, by K’s sake.

soft Wen release,

understand the characteristics of these, we will come to analyze the soft Wen release time. As mentioned above, the form of soft text is varied. The content of the soft text can be direct publicity of a station, but also can be irrelevant to the content of the web site, but at the end of the article to leave a symbolic link, but also can be a cheat type to join the link (cheat users click). In short, the purpose is different, write the soft text is also different. New sites do soft Wen promotion, your own web site itself, the best and released out of soft Wen do distinction, especially some blog, enterprise stand. Reasons can refer to the above mentioned soft text original judgment. General blog articles in the release, it is best to wait until Baidu, GG included after the release to other web sites, so that search engines will be your article as original. You don’t have to worry about not being included.

for example: the learning website promotion blog is too want to increase the chain, each finished articles are reproduced immediately to the webmaster nets Adsense kind of popular station, and these articles are on the station in 1 minutes.

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