SNS creates star to make your website more viscous

read a few days ago a data analysis report, Baidu post bar is the rise in 2005, at the same time, in that time period, Super Girls also held very hot. Therefore, the development of the former and the latter is the existence of large contact, especially in spring. The influence of spring corn is because it will become a small community in spring bar construction of a complete system, which is the spontaneous formation of publicity, management and other personnel.

so, from this example, it can be seen that SNS creates the importance of star, which is the core and soul of a group that drives the community to respond to this star. As for the beauty street, it will create different star. for different villages, and the village head of each village is one of the star I want to shape. Of course, the village head manages in her village, and as me, the website operator will also lead her to shape new star in her village, such as Village Flower (equivalent to school beauty) and so on.

mentioned the importance of SNS to create star, then how to build star? I put forward my opinion:

1. rigorous planning of activities to promote and generate star with the influence of activities. This requires a strong planning ability, so that this event has social influence. What do the contestants value in the beauty Street draft network? Most of the players value the honor and development prospects. A lot of players sent me information in the station. Did you cooperate with Super Girls in Belle street? Do they want to participate in offline competitions, etc.?.

2. is looking for someone who can become star. Because many people are born with the kind of appeal, so the time of screening in the whole star, to analyze and observe, that man is his own star candidates, whether they have the ability to unite most people.

3. guides the star and lets her obey your instructions. If you create a star and often crossed, the concept of community you so, is this star play a negative role.

Oh, for this topic, first talked about here today, hope to get more friends of the ideas and opinions, I just throw this topic for discussion only, I believe many of my friends have a deeper understanding of this aspect.

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