nnovation is the soul of the web

webmaster now know that to reflect the core values of the site, the core value of the site is the core services. But how do you do the core service? Your service has already been done by other websites, and it’s better than your service. Why do users have to go to your station?

so if you want to survive, you have to innovate, and innovation is the soul of the web.

innovation allows users to have to come to your station and have to come to your station because your service is not available on other websites, or other websites do not.

Then the

website how innovation? We must first ensure that the site of some similar service I also have, and the better service, no similar service station, can I developed it? And is useful to the user. For example, local portal site, can update 20 clock about the latest news, the news may stick to control people, the site of the advertising revenue taking part of the bonus game do some landlords to make calls, send the ticket lottery every Tuesday and so on, will attract a large number of customers, and are faithful customer. At every point, a video button is released, and a classic 10 minute yoga video is given to allow the sedentary white-collar to relax with the video, which adds to the friendliness of the site.

imitation innovation is to create Japanese dwarf, is the imitation of the giant, they began to learn from ancient Chinese, later the powerful Western and Western learning, serious damage to the Japanese economy after World War II, but it took only 20 years to catch up with the world advanced level, the main reason is the imitation, the introduction of technology.

We rely on the

website from scratch will waste a lot of time and energy innovation, this is not necessary, we must learn to stand on giant’s shoulder by imitation, to its dregs, takes its essence, and to improve, expand, innovation.

every day we need to carefully study the success of a large number of sites, analysis of the reasons for their success, as it is how to optimize, what is the core value, what is it not a function, it can be used for other purposes, can use this function, can enlarge or shrink the function, in other ways it will be better if you can replace, in reverse order, adjust the structure, can be combined, the opposite will be what effect, its theory is right, there is no different advice and so on.

also is to cultivate their own innovative ability, adhere to more reading, more reading newspapers, collecting data, have a lot of knowledge. Often do daydream, think much, unrestrained, ask more why, can you do not do so and so do?. Write your diary every day, and develop your writing and writing skills. Take a small book with you, encounter new things, news events, wonders, unexpected events, especially sudden inspiration, write down immediately, accumulate capital for the website innovation.

The core value of the

website is innovation in the final analysis, innovation is your website is unusual, outstanding. Innovation allows customers to remember your station, for you >

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