From the Xuzhou tourist information network, how to operate the two level city tourism website

tourism website for all of us are not unfamiliar, gradually already cannot do without everyone’s life! With the social progress and the improvement of people’s living standard, everyone every year travel ideas, thus promote the vigorous development of tourism websites, especially the two city (except the tourist city). Why? A lot of two city basically no door apartment layout tourist site, basic tourism is the company’s own website and the program is very old, browsing is not convenient, not easy to find the line fixed flow basically no concept, and tourism website does not have a SEO and run past tourists need to travel! To travel, but now the development of the network, most love travel friends will find their love to see if there is no line on the website, so the two city tourism website is an opportunity for many small webmaster! But it is very difficult, with Showtime travel, with cattle and other large tourism websites gradually the market in the face of the two class city, either from the SEO or from the angle of operation, for small and medium-sized webmaster have increased the difficulty of


I is the Xuzhou tourism information network station webmaster, do travel websites in less than 2 years, initially with the idea is to see a friend as a tourist site in Hangzhou, and want to live in their own city of Xuzhou to engage in a tourism website! At first the idea is very simple, is to do a travel website, add tourist routes, do some optimization ranking, linked to a travel agency take visitors on the site, and then take the tourists to travel to earn some commission! But slowly with the optimization effect is better and better, hits has slowly increased, but the conversion rate is not increased, the number of repeat no cumulative flow basically rely on search to come, this is the largest single line tourism website, no operation it is hard to let visitors have a profound memory of the website; this problem is always correct Well, for at least 2 months, I’ve been thinking about how to improve my conversion rate,


analysis of the original site, found that the site structure is very simple, although the tourism line display and display are very clear, but the lack of operation, site look is a dead site! Only a simple line display, membership reservation operation thinking there is no other. In 2011 September, I put my ideas together, referring to the operation ideas of some large tourism websites, combined with the actual situation of the local tourism industry, the website revised, many do not say, we can go and see,


version of the Xuzhou tourism information network is equivalent to a tourist supermarket, the travel agency can apply for admission to the Xuzhou tourism information network, and publish their own line of travel and quotation, the website also can issue to put some tourism activities in the form of electronic vouchers, as long as the visitor registration and booking online, you can use electronic vouchers to offset the cost of travel, travel with the order number on the station booking agency registration! Tourists travel back, you can also give visitors payment amount of vouchers, stimulate the tourists consumption cycle! Visitors are free to choose from.

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