A about 3000000 concern Taobao guest QQ space to webmaster inspiration

some time ago, often wrote a few articles on grassroots webmaster how to use QQ space to site traffic flow. Today, continue to share about QQ space can give us grassroots Adsense bring benefits. Now the independent Taobao guest website is becoming more and more difficult to do. However, a about 3000000 concern Taobao guest QQ space, so many have been confused Taobao customers found new opportunities, but also our grassroots webmaster worth thinking about the new direction of site traffic import.

here is called a tide all-match certification QQ space to share today. Currently concerned about the user in 3 million 86 thousand people. Typical Taobao promotion space, we can search in the QQ space to know. Open home space is a similar shopping guide Taobao customer pictures, in fact these are connected to a QQ space application all-match own development tide purse. We can pay attention to this application, after opening directly appeared Taobao customers are familiar with Taobao guest promotion page. For a Taobao fan who has millions of fans to promote space, how much money can he make per day?. Let’s all guess. A person without his own web site can also be a Taobao and is so successful. Ask our webmaster,


today, I don’t want to go into the analysis of how this QQ space works. I want to say is that we grassroots Adsense new marketing ideas – QQ space marketing. For the current Baidu algorithm 2 introduction of Scindapsus, soft outside the chain began to fight the case. And Baidu is still constantly changing algorithms, so that we grassroots webmaster has now lost direction. Just like a few days ago I wrote that article "website marketing promotion flow import, don’t simplify.". We need to diversify the grassroots, QQ space is a very good direction. For the current most active social platforms, if we can make good use of it, I believe our website traffic import is huge.

below to talk about their own movie station do QQ space marketing actual combat 2 weeks results. Many grassroots webmaster know that the movie station is now flooded. So how do we do such a surprise to be rampant industry. And many friends entered the film station, not long after the competition, but chose to quit. Why can’t I compete, because SEO, but those old stations?. So we have to choose a new way to do it.

I made the movie station and chose the QQ space marketing model. I chose a higher level of QQ to Tencent certification QQ space. And then add a lot of friends, these two weeks focus on promoting not my website, but my QQ space, my QQ space is concerned about the number of 1500 people. That is to say, I share one of the latest movies into the QQ space, which will bring at least 300IP of traffic to my website. That’s what I’ve found in QQ space marketing. We don’t need to rely on Baidu so much that we can still do our own website. Specific operation flow, I believe Cong Cong

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