Actual combat experience secret easy to do English station group method

I’ve been an English language station for a year and a half, and the earnings have been pretty good. Today I’ll tell you all about my whole process. At first I was doing Chinese station, a seven travel network, game site, then listen to a friend said to do English station make, I want to get involved in the next English station, my English level is very Levin, but IP still rushing, in this statement, English is not good, not necessarily do not stand up English.

started, I invested 280 yuan, bought a GD space, just when GD buy COM domain name, use coupons is 10 yuan a, I bought 2, so so invested 300 yuan. WP program is used to build. I’m sure the theme is health class, because there are lots of people who care about health, there are many contents, and the price of GG is also very high. I am looking for healthy home site, and then use the online translation, translated into English, then released, many friends here must be very niwai, this is used rotten way, to, but I have ulterior motives. Ah, so GG will judge me is the original article, included soon a lot of GG update pr after my 2 station one to 3. and then I bought a GD space, 1 COM domain, a health insurance site (Note: here the new site will not use the Chinese content translation English, here you have to think of a way to collect other people high quality articles, copyright issues, you can mark under the source. I), the 2 PR3 stations, each article has set me new links, text as follows: need health insurance information? I recommend you go to XXXX (key words, I followed the new super link) station, this site has a large number of high-quality health insurance information, then I they go to other places to do outside the chain, submitted under the directory, do a few English blog with, like this, 1 months or so, stand up, IP is not high, stable at about 1300ip, but the income is still very impressive, new stable income, come, I will continue to buy new the space, to make a stand, I was so in turn the development of stations. Perhaps the master saw, say I talk nonsense, I don’t know what to say, perhaps this is the most simple method we do not care, I could be lucky for GG, I use the most simple method to do stand up English.

sincerely hope to be useful, a few days ago I saw a friend of the station, special Google hot list of words, I according to his method to do the next day, do more than 2000 IP, in fact, success is not too difficult, the difficulty is that you do not have the heart to find


source: seven Tour Network welcome reprint.

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