Admin5 let me learn the simple method of promotion

is going to bed together every day I ADMIN5 to see, to see what happens, because the domestic Adsense event, is always the first time in ADMIN5. See a lot of master who are sharing the experience in writing some good articles to us and these people ordering share success. We really appreciate here, from here can learn a lot of useful things. Do it is to do good website promotion out. Not to indulge in self-admiration. Out of


1., each name standing on the BBS exchange. Get acquainted with webmaster. More post, but don’t over AD, be careful K, you can sign, keep advertising is enough,.

2. is said to Baidu know, Post Bar said, can improve the traffic, I do not recommend this, it may be Baidu K. but you can answer questions actively, in the right place cleverly put a URL. Inappropriate posts do not.


3. learn, careful analysis, write some more exchanges and webmaster use soft to station such as the ADMIN5 submission influential site to vote, put a small link in the appropriate place, general editor is a small AD contact you tolerance. Such as insert their own website in the article: can, but don’t own products and a whoop and a holler website.

4. joins QQ group more. When communicating, appropriate Xiang Qunyou introduces a website, how how good, simple and concise introduction, the website that follows oneself follows, general can bring a part of visitor.

5. for high traffic blogs, in the message, can improve the traffic and the PR value. I am writing the blog, leave the site. This is also very useful. As.PHPWIND.DISCUZ has China blog official blog registered. Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Baidu has, can apply to


short, leaving their website promotion of their website, to be clever. Do not otherwise appropriate hair, not propaganda effect, there may be administrator K off, search engine K out of the danger. So for the blog, ADMIN5 to write soft article submissions is.

safe and effective method

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