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Basic knowledge of

Alexa ranking

Alexa Toolbar is displayed on the ranking of the total ranking, every 3 months the average ranking, if you want to see changes in their website short-term please go to the official website at Alexa last week and the day to see the total Ranking Ranking, ranking is not reflect recent changes.

Alexa ranking mechanism: Alexa ranking points, the main calculation parameters are two: REACH and PV

* REACH is the number of websites visited per million ALEXA active users within the same day. * PV is the average number of pages an average ALEXA user visits your web site every day.

novice’s most prone to mistakes * Alexa calculation is the same machine, the same site on the same day access to the same page, can only be calculated effectively. Note that not the same IP, than the same IP ruthless, if it is pressed by IP, then ADSL users do a software automatically on-line, offline can change IP. Each machine’s CPU and hard disk have a unique identification code, ALEXA is calculated according to this, and if you do not understand, you can go to Baidu what is "machine code"". So, some brush ALEXA software for IP, or steal ADSL accounts, or ALEXA blind. As for their own machine, constantly brushing their pages more stupid.

* the latest changes in Alexa are done in the framework (iframe or frame or include) without any effect. Now converting pages in the frame does not trigger the Alexa Toolbar at all.

ALEXA data source

Statistical data of

ALEXA from their access to the ALEXA Toolbar users. The collection of information, that is to say, only when a site is "install and use the tools of the" visit, AELXA will know, otherwise, a personal visit to a web site in your own home, how can AELXA know


understands the rankings,

AELXA ranking is in accordance with the "million users click" and "per user browse page" two data comprehensive assessment, but the proportion of the still can not judge. But at least you know:

(1) two websites with equal number of hits by millions of users. Whoever has a large view of the page will be ranked first;

each user visits two pages with equal number of pages. Whoever hits millions of users will be ranked first;

. These two parameters are equivalent to two websites, and their ranking is quite the same.

reprinted clear note from this article:, name=Alexa

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