7 strokes do Windows server security

come in frequent network security incidents, enough to cause our attention to network security, personal webmaster website security can not be ignored. Not only to the website server more to strong, as strong as iron, otherwise the server will become the short board you website security "".

says that Windows security can be said to be bad. This article lists some of the Windows server security tips that can help you build a relatively secure server.

1. Do not install unnecessary software

servers don’t have the same software as their own computers. For example, your server only has a ASP site, and you need security software like IIS and firewalls. If not necessary, do not install Serv-U and other software, because many server software often has a variety of loopholes, which will give "invaders" leave an opportunity.

two, update patch

often focuses on the latest bug patches, and then chooses the necessary fixes. Some software vulnerabilities need to be fixed so that the security of the server can be guaranteed to the maximum extent possible. If you feel that there is a difficulty, you can use 360 to make a selective update, install 360 security guards, into the vulnerability repair.


three, do not use weak passwords

low-level passwords, such low-level errors, have always had a large share of the reason for the invasion, but this is very easy to avoid. When we set up the password, the best number, letters, symbols mixed use, the length is greater than or equal to 6 digits, do not use birthdays, names and other related passwords.

, if not afraid of trouble, you can use Baidu random password generator to generate random passwords.


four, turn off unnecessary ports and services

uses the netstat -an command to view open ports, such as finding unnecessary ports that can be closed using the IP security policy. The detected ports can be turned off as soon as they are not available. They can also be shielded from the dangerous ports through firewall software. The service is closed and some can’t be used. If you don’t understand the Windows service, consult the relevant information and close it.

five, modify 3389 default port

opens the registry and modifies the following two registry entries:



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