Attitude is to do stand foundation, to establish a good attitude is fundamental

involves the amount of goods turnover attitude in real life attitude, attitude, including pre-sale sale customer service attitude, attitude, attitude is an internal state of preparation, rather than reflect the actual value of sex itself, in the Internet is a matter of personal webmaster, site moderators, sales of businesses should also like the real world goods trade focus on the attitude of quality, because of personal webmaster attention attitude can win more traffic for the site, the site moderators focus on attitudes can create more harmonious elements for the forum, sales of businesses pay attention to attitude can bring more volume for yourself, now we mainly to establish the quality of individual stationmaster attitude to talk about the inner beauty of the whole set, and how to flow within the United States Tishi website, to win the trust of users.

as a personal webmaster and I think that has the maximum flow we must firmly remember "do stand attitude is web based, personal webmaster attitude is directly related to the healthy development and website development, so the individual owners establish a good attitude is the first thing the imminent, so as a personal webmaster should be how to set up a good attitude to win the trust of users and search engine friendly


from the internal quality set up as a starting point, we can not ignore the cultivation of personal qualities when doing the station, to learn some of the concept of a harmonious society, learn to face the courage to endure endless farce of users, in the face of failure to admit, in the face of success only to be free from arrogance and impetuosity, these points we can’t set a basic internal good quality, healthy development of Web site, we should also learn to establish "endure long do stand process", now the webmaster can’t stand long time the station has become a major bottleneck of the development of the website, so as a webmaster from setting up internal quality, we should do as the station stand a kind of enjoyment, if you do this, then you do the station in quality has been basically established.

from the efficient execution of the pace of development of the core Tishi website, website development by webmaster efficient execution, a form of execution is the attitude of the owners, if the owners are hard to do stand, and strive to develop their own website, then he should have high efficiency of execution, from to improve execution speed of the development of the website, now owners of poor execution has hindered the healthy development of self website, so we should firmly establish the personal webmaster to executive power as the core of the attitude to deal with the current owners of competition, I believe that as long as the executive power has increased, so do the station will also be a step Tishi the greater the website can also get faster development.

from the start of each process to improve the site, many webmaster in upholding the time shook his head, generally insist that it is difficult to adhere to, and not actually, difficult is your heart, you do not know the attitude stand in place, we should think of their parents I take care of me hard at the site of the process, think of home economy, then we will move.

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