As music pictures completed 340 million B round of financing how the nternet Movie Company Valuatio

I horse: September 18th afternoon, LETV pictures as the top three domestic private film companies are not the only one listed company announced the completion of the B round of financing, financing amounting to 340 million yuan, the number of investors including Hengtai capital, investment parameters, the valuation of the company reached 4 billion 800 million, and in August 2013 the first round of financing 1 billion 550 million yuan compared to double 3.2 times, however, is on the whole A round of investment ratio is less than 20%.

is a O2O platform based internet movie companies, why can get such a high value in a short period of time, film music as three years to do what? The conference site, Zhang Zhao from the perspective of business model, growth performance, the company’s operations, this detailed deconstruction, and said this round of financing will be mainly used for product development and operation of IP.

music as the film’s business model has not been re capital type. Zhang Zhao said that since the company was established in early 2011 the positioning is very clear, that is to create a "film + Internet integration in the field of the O2O platform, the whole ecological viewing + services as the core strategy to provide users with the film, the bearing platform for the extension of ecological music, film music as ecology, and through mutual integration to create a series of the film products group. Internet Movie Companies mean that we don’t care much about the box office. We focus on how much money we can leverage and how many people we want to view and service. That’s my business model".

in this positioning and mode, as the music film three years to create what performance? See I dark horse for everyone to sort out some data:

1 and 2013, music as the film to 1 billion 50 million yuan box office performance ranked among the top three private film companies, accounting for 4.8% of the country’s total box office (21 billion 700 million yuan). In 2014, by the end of the third quarter, produced / 9 release of the film, the box office revenue of nearly 2 billion yuan, coupled with the fourth quarter of the upcoming "Tai Ping ship", "runaway detective", "mechanical era" and other big movies, is expected by the end of 2014, will complete the annual 3 billion yuan at the box office expectations, or will nearly 200% of the box office growth;

2, since 2011, according to the "death squads" series, "the times" series, "old boy dragon", "return" and other types of IP derived from dozens of film’s Internet operations, achieve the diversification of value-added income. Music as the film’s financial director Ji Xiaoqing said, music as the screen’s 2014 profit was more than 2 points.

3 and 2014, as the music has been released 9 films, box office results are above 50 million, of which 6 of the box office billions of dollars, 5 films at the box office, 200 million, 2 box office, 400 million, 1, more than 500 million. At present, all films are profitable.

as the music film three years to do what?

business model: constant iteration and transformation

April 2012, the first time as music pictures

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