Forum spam proof method summary

many friends complain, forum settings verification code registered, or even set to answer questions to register, can not solve the "register" registration problems, certainly can’t stop "post" offensive machine. Day hundreds of garbage account products, tens of thousands of the garbage generated, facing the vast sea of garbage, the webmaster forum only Duoduojia, scold at a loss what to do, just don’t understand Aguirre, batch delete spam users and posts from the database of the webmaster, do not want to delete a page, but closed the station trouble. We can’t help it? Let’s see what other websites do first.

1 allows registration, but has to do something to post in each section. Outdated, there is an outdated mechanism, registered members of the initial integral -20, only in the New District post. To date, the need to do some tasks, answer some questions, click on the ads get some contribution, of course online full 30 hours after you can also "play house" to try and outdated, high level can send some original articles, the administrator will see scores, without a prepared toss, simply can not outdated. Of course not in other forum postings. So complex, the robot can not do, and outdated, but also limited the same IP within 72 hours can only register once, so that garbage accounts basically No. Admin5 has a similar mechanism, a member of the initial integral registered for -1, you need to first send a specific section of the "new posts", "Sasa" administrator manual review, to 1 points, so as to become an official member has comprehensive authority, of course, if you want to have more rights, need to spend 10 yuan to engage in "real name authentication" – this is the manual. Chinaz "invitation code" mechanism, I bought an invitation code, the market price is 2 yuan -4 yuan, I believe that no one will refuse to spend money to buy the account registration invitation code. Iwenshen is the tattoo industry SNS, these people are more open-minded, no rules at technician log, Lu Dian pictures, sexually explicit text will be more engaged in disaster caused by flooding water real name system, how to do?. The real name is to install a "identity through plug-in" Dongdong, with Admin5 that manual certification is not the same, the user can automatically certified mobile phones, spent 5 pieces of ocean.

two, activate registration. Tianya needs to activate mail. The ideal blue blueidea activation method has a variety of, add Mobile Fetion robot, using a mobile phone to send SMS mobile phone number, fill in the online application, QQ application, artificial customer service call 400 for a lot of ah, I am adding Fetion robot application. Whether the activation mail or add a robot, "Ri" are very difficult to do, and the way of adding Fetion robot destined to a mobile phone number can only register an account, you have a mobile phone number to the number of registered

trash account?

three, and other small experience, you need to online for 10 hours or less can not post; successful registration within 24 hours can not post; send the first 10 posts need to lose >

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