Horse horse remind webmaster hacker readme repent and be saved.

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station have been nearly three years period, like a lot of people buy a lot of corn, but because can not afford, so far only retained a domain name (, when the school is popular mobile number 159, and E in the network represents a lot of meaning, registered the domain name. After a few nights, I finally built my website. Then it’s crazy to advertise and apply for links. I used to have links to my website in depth forums. Later, I learned some SEO and so on, and then published articles are carefully selected, keywords also sent time to study. Finally, a week or so, Baidu, Google have included my website.

included in a number of sources, the largest number of downloaded types of keywords, such as certain motherboard driver, Kabasiji free verification code download, and so on, have brought a great deal of traffic to the site. So, there are companies that promote Kabasiji software to cooperate with me and promote their business. Another point is that the software download title should be bold and red, so it works better.


08 years in May, I began to fold, stem from the old bank, engaged in hacking research, web intrusion, with server, packing procedures, to study the virus, do to avoid killing. It is precisely because of the need to hang a Trojan to do the test, so I’m crazy black horse station, got a lot of chicken, of course it must be done to avoid killing trojans. But every black station is a waste of time to scan, even if the horse, others move is long process. So I think, with their high flow Kabasiji download compressed package, I put a Trojan in the compressed package, the name Kaba 6 GREEN MINI scanner, or Kaba 6, users must download anti-virus software is not installed antivirus, so one hundred percent strokes. But even if installed anti-virus, I do still have the antivirus software antivirus.

so I have a lot of chicken, you can do the test, to engage in play, once have a sister frightened, I used to fly to her dove desktop computer to send a message, "sister Hello beautiful" frighten others for mercy, and forced shutdown.

nemesis finally came, for some time I searched my site in Google, and found that Google prompted that the site may contain malicious software, may endanger your computer. Then click on the link will not be able to reach my site. I had seen how to cancel this hint, according to Google’s operation to delete the virus, and then re submit the website review. But so far that information has been the same, and the site has no virus, and that suggests that the site might contain malicious software that could harm your computer. I changed space later, but it was the same. Re submit the N audit, the same result. I was disappointed at last. No rescue measures have been taken. Because it doesn’t work. Time has passed for nearly 3 months. Google still hasn’t given me the chance to change. That domain name was completely blocked by Google. No matter where you bind it, change the server. Same result. Google defaults to that domain link >

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