After 7 years, the webmaster’s heart decided to start from scratch

from the first station to now have more than 6 years, from the station to do Wangzhuan also has more than 3 years. The sour, sweet, bitter, hot only you can know, perhaps with many owners, too much feeling

, a design process of

just started doing web work, or when you were in college, you used free space to make your personal homepage and your class homepage completely static. Html. Even the domain name is free, two domain name:, also in the sea, silver sand request a free message board. Ha ha, at that time, the sky is always blue, and the heart is very pure. Doing a website is a kind of study, a kind of sharing and a kind of mutual communication. There is also a kind of show off between classmates…

After only from

know Wangzhuan, know the site can make money from the Google alliance to domestic large and small alliance later, everything changed, the Internet has changed. The profound, from application to advertising, advertising alliance of cheating cheating technique, brush flow, improve Alexa ranking, a Trojan put virus, garbage collection, the site everywhere desperately SEO optimization website search engine to rape etc… finally found himself on the Internet for playing touch climb roll but nothing, all of the site only to make money while operating.

Internet has its own deep rules, although there are a lot of expert online, many rely on the network build up the family fortunes of the wealthy. However, many years later, maybe you will understand that you are just one byte of data transmission. The Internet is too small… Also because some people in the first network to go back before the first pot of gold, on a crowded station, "the revolution has not yet succeeded, the comrade still needs the effort of the situation. Crazy on the Internet, just like a virus spread. But the success of a few people get rich? There are a few people? In fact the Internet is just like the traditional industries, often only wealth in the hands of a few. Look at every day late, eyes red webmaster, more than 10 hours a day online work strength. Hehe, maybe the Internet the charm here, it’s also wonderful here.

I’ve done many kinds of stops, Chinese and english. Entertainment, downloads, industry, etc., but no one can get it. All websites also exist for "making money". As a result, the site did not do well, money did not earn, poor health, and the heart is tired. Here to the young webmaster three suggestions:

1, life is wonderful besides internet.

2, the traditional industry also has a chance to make a fortune.

3, not suitable for everyone to engage in Wangzhuan and fortune.

two, actually do station

my site is currently only one music station, a little better, established in 2007. I also like a site, the future focus on the development of a web site. This article is from what it today.


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