Get started on e-commerce topics, first select a suitable product and ndustry

Ma Yun said: "in twenty-first Century, either e-commerce, or no business can do.". More and more individual stationmaster considers to do electronic business affairs, but how to choose product and industry, it is comparative problem all the time.

A5 on Thursday March 31st invited the electronic commerce website version enjoy ceramic founder Chen Lin, how to choose the appropriate share of electronic commerce industry, and some ideas of electronic commerce, this paper finishing version of the chat activity part of Q & A, welcome to discuss.

: e-commerce, I have also been more concerned about, but I do not know how to start, no products, no supplies, guests how to see this problem?

answer: about the choice of the product, a lot of brothers have asked me, I summed up the following aspects. 1, whether they are familiar with such products; 2, whether there are such products resources; 3, whether in this regard has its own unique direction or creativity. More on the supply of their own to touch, and we are also one of the early shop to see, and later large volume, only to set foot in the production of some best-selling products.

: electronic commerce, logistics is not more trouble, if it is expensive, and easily broken, is it safe to express, midway are damaged or lost, how to do, or malicious buyers out of the bag, how to do, the electronic commerce website, in the logistics links, should pay attention to what is the problem? In addition, an electronic commerce website starting stage should be how to promote? The guests said, enjoy the ceramic is currently in the forefront of online sales Home Furnishing ceramics,

is how to do?

answer: I simply answer this question.

1, logistics: the current e-commerce in this aspect have many problems, such as breakage, loss and delivery attitude, that we are not a particularly good way, try to solve this problem from our resolve to.

For example,

damage, we use the better packing for transportation safety; such as lost, to talk about good logistics and cooperation, lost their responsibility to delivery; such as attitude, we try to establish a set of system, which city logistics delivery service which is good, that reflected from the customer, so we will with a good attitude.

2: first, to promote good products, we present 80% sales channels or through Taobao, Taobao or some promotion program on the main understanding, the more; promotion about independent electronic commerce, we are also in the study, and we chat was to learn.

asked: do e-commerce, buyers is the biggest problem, how to attract buyers, so that buyers successfully buy, there is no trick, I hope guests on this topic to talk about your views, how to attract buyers.

answer: a shame, we are now in the stage to attract buyers, I think it is mainly the following:

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