Odd, do not optimize, even row to the home page, did optimization ranking, but declined

this peculiar phenomenon of the industry is really jealous of many friends, why do I optimize the ranking was gone, and those who do not do web site optimization ranking even in the home stand is really broken.




1. Why did the optimization rankings fall,


it seems normal, but some friends are still confused. The following simple explanation is only for the solution of the novice confused, the old driver please detour.

1. optimizes some key parts of

, such as the title of the web site or the layout of the site, which will bring some of the search engine does not adapt to the feeling, you need to re ranking the site. Ranking fluctuations or declines naturally are normal.

2. update content quality problems

when the site has not updated or not optimization, website ranking does not seem to change much, but the possibility of a website to update the content there causes changes in the ranking is your website content, if the website content is too poor, is a natural change.


3. site was pulled into the observation room by search engines

Optimization of

site long time, but suddenly one day, a large section of the nerve is optimized from the site, there is fluctuation in the ranking optimization, another reason is that in the optimal period, operation and optimization of Baidu for you are aware that this will have on your website for examination and observation the decline in ranking is for your site assessment.

4. over optimized

this situation is very common, if not for a long time a commonplace talk of an old scholar, website optimization, do a large number of optimization do suddenly, a chain, a chain, a lot of content, code optimization, friends of the chain, the website as if suddenly changed man, this will cause the attention of search engines, excessive so will the optimization.

5. important tip: volatile hazards

in this case, some people do not feel better but more optimization optimization, so we decided not to optimize, suddenly stopped before optimization, this time appeared many friends found ranking but further behind, so is downhearted, especially on the row down, this time we should pay attention to this is not a problem of SEO, SEO and stop thought Jane optimization optimization during the repeated abnormal behavior, will hurt the search engine, search on your website will therefore lose information or grab the desire, ranking drop it seems reasonable to common sense, also hope to do optimization. Insist again, do not play fast and loose.

two. So why don’t you optimize the rankings to the home page,


this situation seems to be theoretically justified by what ah, do not give ah > ranking optimization

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