Personal opinion talk about the webmaster’s network and reality

webmaster, do you have the feeling of loneliness? You are not alone at this moment. Why? You’re swinging your mouse and swinging the keyboard. Publicity of your site, site own web site, careful analysis of traffic statistics, and then look at the income of the day…… Everyone, what about loneliness! Well, man, nothing is lonely hotbed. So, when your mat high pillow looked at the dark ceiling (except for the day and night owl), let the heart calm down, put the thinking from the virtual network to the real society, whether you have this feeling?

, one and two: of course, the virtual web world is your place. The home office at ease, no rush complaining about not exposed to wind and rain, the sound of a scolding. You are like a duck in water. How, how good, do not say more, the words to the subject. Some webmaster, I think is the most, as I have said "the day and night owl, okay? You hit the bottom of the self. As a sensible child, at least the law of life is not, disappointing. A lot of people will be unconvinced. Yes, you need to grab the Internet rush hour, you occupy second days of "first", you need…… Indeed, this is needed. However, I give you a phrase, my mantra: "the body is not necessarily the capital of revolution, but the body is your top priority."".

again, learn to think, join the problems above, you can change a way to think, they have heard of it. Change your mind is the way to success. Think, think, think, there is a difference between efficiency and difference, and find the commanding heights of both, and you take a step closer to victory. Actually, it’s hard to make a garbage union. Think, you must think. Thinking is important. To be a station is nothing but profit. So, if you don’t stand, can you make a profit? Many people say yes. As I mentioned in the meeting below, "make a variety of programs that are easy to get commission from a garbage Union (also a general programmer)."". I have no technology, no two patient, three is not willing to work for the garbage alliance, what shall I do? I just pick a Taobao in the capital business, he lobbied for money to advertise, and then find a garbage station, contact the webmaster, bargaining, the difference between, just? A domestic famous military class website, so I fix, but I finally gave up, not what. This is only a train of thought, not suitable for everyone. There’s still a lot to think about. People need to think and think more.

finally, the network is out of touch with reality. We all admire the hacker (don’t condemnation to themselves as hackers, I think many of them are medium level. I am a layman, I, ha ha). Yes, I admire it, too. They can walk fast in every corner of the network in the world; the production of a variety of procedures can easily get commission from the garbage in the League (or general programmer); making and spreading the virus; not capable, maintaining network security; create network training courses to enhance the users of the Internet.

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